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Week Thirty Two

Today it was more apparent than ever that I hate my camera. Bean is go-go-going and the lag time on this thing, even on the “rapid fire” setting, is just killing all the moments that I want to capture. By the time the thing actually decides to take the picture she’s already too close or not smiling or a lot of other stuff. But spending at least $700 on an SLR isn’t exactly part of the plan in the next year or so.

Yesterday when I was helping Bean take steps around the livingroom she turned her head towards my hand that was holding hers and started trying to suck/bite my fingers. I immediately discovered that there is a razor sharp tooth in the front that has finally broken the gumline. It isn’t really visible, but you can definitely feel it.

Anyway thanks for all the concern, offers of help and prayers. I really am going to be fine, I know. We all are. Also, it really is amazing how much a good night’s rest two nights in a row can make a difference. That and not being at odds with your husband and your best friend.

I think this is about all the drama you’ll get from me for awhile.

I’m still feeling really great, which still is weird to me. But I guess I can’t complain after the way I felt last time. If this is how the next nine months are going to be then bring it on. Pregnancy isn’t so scarey afterall. 🙂

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