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I guess I was tempting fate to say “that pretty much will probably be the most exciting thing about today.” Not so my friends and I sure am glad.

The massage was great, actually. Don’t want to downplay it at all. It was by far the most relaxing and awesome and extensive (toes, fingers, and scalp among other things) massage I’ve ever had. I thing it was 90 minutes and she didn’t even charge me. I feel so incredibly good. I should have been getting in on that kind of massage action years ago.

Well after that I decided to hit up Rosemary’s Family Creamery downtown for my favorite ham and cheese sandwich and a petite brownie sundae. While I was there I saw Dean Florez. So of course the newsie in me had to text Megan and tell her that he was at Rosemary’s right that second. So she texted me back and said, “You’re such a newsie!” And I texted, “I know. I can’t turn it off.” So then several text messages later we decided that we definitely need to hang out especially since her “Boo” (Grant) is gone. So she’s coming over tonight and we’re going to hang out this weekend and it will be silly and fun. I can’t wait.

After eating my weight in confections I then proceeded home. This is what greeted me on my front door when I got there:

I knew some packages would be coming in the next few weeks or so because I had to help some less than tech saavy family members order the items they wanted to buy for baby Jillian. I just didn’t expect it would come like two days later and mostly all at once.

So what was in these boxes? Lots of stuff!

Aquarium crib attachment from my dad.

Travel booster seat from my dad.

Baby bath from my dad.

LittlePeople farm from my dad.

Stroller frame from my Auntie Linda (the seat is on the way).

Of all the items, the last one really hit me upside the head with this overwhelming realization that I am going to be a mom in a few weeks.

I think maybe I should say something about the level of excitement around here more often. Maybe then more exciting things will happen.

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