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Home care

Yesterday was another day of not being able to keep anything down.

Last week my doctor said if this happened again that I should come in. So Stephen came home at lunch and we went there. My doctor was actually out for the day so I had to see the next available doctor.

The first thing he tried to do was find the heartbeat with one of those little doppler machines. He couldn’t find one, but said that wasn’t necessarily cause for concern especially considering that I may not be as far along as they think I am. Still, I’m freaked out about it.

He said that being sick is a good sign and I shouldn’t worry.

He also decided that my ultrasound to correct the due date ought to be moved up. So this Thursday all my questions will be answered at that ultrasound appointment followed by an appointment with my regular doctor.

To alleviate my nausea and dehydration, he ordered home IV care. So last night a nurse came to our house, got my IV started, and showed Stephen and I how to change out the bags and add medicine and vitamins to the IV.

I don’t know about the nausea just yet. Each hydration bag already contains a dose of Reglan and lasts 24 hours. Every time I try to move too much though I throw up. Even just scooting across the couch to get my laptop so I could write a couple blogs caused it.

I’m just tired of feeling this way all the time.

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Ode to good health insurance

One of the nice things about Stephen working for a healthcare management company is that he works for a healthcare management company.

He knows all the people that process our claims. He can make sure by talking to people at the company that we are getting the best care possible. It really is very nice. The other nice thing about the company is that they flag cases of employees and family members as “VIP” which means that not everyone in the company has to know what is going on with us. Our information is kept confidential between us and some senior company members.

Today I got a follow up call from a case nurse. This particular case nurse said that she has a lot of background experience in OB/GYN offices. So she is very familiar with hyperemesis gravidarum. She gave me some tips for coping like not trying to eat three meals a day, but just snacking instead and even to obey my cravings. This is some of the stuff I read online, but it had I not been such a research nerd it would have been really helpful.

The most exciting part though was she gave me a phone number where I could reach her. She said that if I’m not feeling well during the week, I can call and she can have someone come out to our house to give me an IV. That way I don’t have to go to the ER all the time.

My veins are super sore from all these IVs lately, but if I have to have another one it will be nice not having to call Stephen, make him come home, go to the ER, wait in the waiting room and then wait forever while the bags drain with Stephen sitting in an uncomfortable plastic chair or me on a bench in the hallway, both of us exhausted and cold.

This is how healthcare should be all the time.

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10 weeks 4 days

So because of flu season the hospital didn’t have any beds available. My doctor sent me to the ER to at least get some hydration, more on that later.

I am supposed to call the home health nursing company today to find out if they have anyone that is certified to put a PICC line in. If so I can skip the hospital and my doctor can just put in an order for them to do it. I hope that is the case.

If not, then I am supposed to call my doctor this morning and he’s going to check on the availability of beds at the hospital. He’ll have me admitted and then we just get to play the waiting game because the nurses that can put in PICC lines are not always available right away. I could be in there for days.

Yesterday a home nurse came out and after four very stressful digging pokes, she was unable to start an IV line. It seems my veins are all used up and they don’t want to participate in this mess anymore. So that is why I had to go in to see my doctor.

My doctor called over to the ER ahead of me to see what their situation was like. Luckily there was a “lull” so I got in and got a bed pretty quickly. A nurse was able to get an IV started right away and I got 1 liter of fluid and some Reglan.

I was feeling pretty good until they told me that my potassium was low. Then they made me drink this most vile substance to bring up my potassium levels. That didn’t stay down long. Since I threw it up they tried to make me take potassium pills. Those were just like the drink. They burned all the way down and all the way back out. They finally let me go home anyway and said it would be good if I could take the pills at home. I figure I’m getting a banana bag sometime today one way or another so there’s no sense torturing my stomach anymore.

They didn’t really want me in there, I could tell. That was OK with me because I didn’t really want to be in there myself. Tons of sick people that were coughing and sharing their flu germs were all around. The last thing I need is to get something like that. Actually, a few weeks ago my doctor said it could even be fatal.

I threw up several times during the night and didn’t get much sleep. I felt like my heart was racing and I was shaking the whole time.

We had several great people to thank last night. First, the church gave Stephen tonight off when he told some people what was going on. So no worries there. My best friend Megan went to our house, took care of our dogs and then brought Stephen food and sat with me for awhile. And Ruth called and I could tell it helped Stephen to talk to his big sister and calm down a bit.

I’m just so ready for all of this to be over. What a night.

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