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Ethan and Peter

Awhile ago we came here, soon after we moved back to Bakersfield, to do a hike with homeschoolers. Today, I decided to go back in search of green grass growing after the rains. When we bought our house on this side of town years ago, it was a wet year and the hills all around our development were green and rolling. It seemed like a whole other country and definitely not Bakersfield. The last few years have left things parched, dead, hot. This fall the rains returned and I am remembering why this area sold us.

We found ourselves next to the river with rounded boulders, the long green grass I was hoping for growing up in tufts between them, the fog rolling in just as golden hour brought the promised honey hues. It was magical and ethereal, like something out of a fairy tale. However, earlier this week my kids had a meltdown because we went to a park and *gasp* there was no playground equipment. It took them 20 minutes to get over themselves and realize that they could be having a whole lot more fun with the other homeschoolers playing tag. So after that experience, I did not exactly expect them to enjoy today’s outing.  And yet there they were leaping from rock to rock, making up a story about being wolf hunters and not wanting to leave even though it started to get cold and we had a birthday cake to bake.


Today my Ethan is five. It doesn’t seem real or possible and yet here it is. This month is also his youngest sibling’s fourth month on earth.

Ethan has so many fun little quirks. I call him my little engineer. He always wants to know how things work, take them apart and put them back together. He is very sensitive and will wear shirts with tags inside out and hates pants most days (the colder weather is breaking him of this because he really hates being cold more than any other discomfort). His skin is sensitive and prone to outbreaks. His emotions are sensitive too, but in a less explosive way than his next in line brother. He is definitely a giggler though and often laughs his way through life. He goes through periods of loving to dress up. He wore his Beast (of Beauty fame) costume three days in a row this week. He even wore it to his sister’s ballet lessons. A few months ago he wore his Flynn Rider costume in much the same fashion. Yesterday it was traditional Korean birthday clothes. I made him change and wash his face for the photo shoot because I’m mom like that. He is a collector and today was no different, we brought home several clam shells and bottle caps. The usual hunt for the perfect stick was also on.




Peter has rolls upon rolls that I could kiss all day long. They are so puffy and soft like clouds upon clouds. He is very vocal and he is starting to make a noise that sounds something like “Mama.” Or at least that’s what I think. He has the stub of a tooth and as such his cheeks and chin are chapped from the drooling. He’s still easy and sweet. He’s full of smiles and as delightful as babies can possibly be. He sleeps well and tags along on our day to day with ease.






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“Stop the car! I can’t find the baby Jesus!”

At Christmas our kids received the LittlePeople nativity. Bean has been kind of obsessed with babies in general and she took a major liking to “the baby Jesus” from the nativity. She carried it around with her, wanted to sleep with it, wrap it in blankets, have it in her car seat, etc.

Bean usually has some kind of bag or box or purse for carrying a random assortment of currently favorite items.


Her current favorite carrying case is this lunch tin:

Today I found it with baby rings, bubble wrap, the LittlePeople mechanic, and a gold elastic string she had tied in several knots.

Here are a couple of other samples from today:

Her silk and pearls bag with Mater, baby clothes, Little People “veggie box” (that’s what she calls it)


Hello Kitty glitter purse with “Fransico Bernoolia” (that’s how she says it), Plan City wooden fire truck, mini baby doll.

So last night after dinner we all head over to Target for the usual random Target necessities. We’ve just left my in-law’s house and we’re about halfway there when Bean, after frantically searching her lunch tin, shouts, “Hey! Stop the car! I can’t find the baby Jesus!”

We let her know that we can’t really stop the car at that moment, but that we’re really close to Target and we can look for “the baby Jesus” when we get there. “No! Hey! Pull over! I need to find the baby Jesus!”

We do not find “the baby Jesus” when we get to Target. A meltdown ensues. But we push on and we make it through Target.

As soon as we get home Bean walks through the door and announces, “I can’t find the baby Jesus!” My mother-in-law, completely oblivious to the figurine she’s been carrying all week and not knowing what Bean is talking about quips back, “He’s in your heart!” Bean shouts back, nearly in tears, “No he’s NOT! He’s NOT in my heart! And he’s not in my tin! And he’s not in the car! We can’t find him! We have to look for him!”

I explain about the figurine and we all go on a search with no luck. Grandpa even humors her by looking for “the baby Jesus” inside the cuckoo clock.

So this afternoon at my sister’s house Bean explains her woes, “Auntie Andrea, we can’t find the baby Jesus anywhere and he’s not in my heart, he’s not in the car, he’s not at grandma and grandpa’s and he’s not in the cuckoo clock.”

Oh man, trying to explain this just keeps getting more and more complicated as the search continues. Well, would you say a prayer that we find “the baby Jesus” soon? I’m not so sure I want my three-year-old arguing that “the baby Jesus” is NOT in her heart. Haha.


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Fun times

Wednesday was my 28th birthday. First thing I thought when I woke up? I have to call Andrea and see what she’s doing. She had hinted at going to an aquarium a few days before and that sounded like fun to me.

I found out she was indeed headed to The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach that morning with her boy, so I asked if we could crash her party. So much fun! This was a really great aquarium and the admission price can’t be beat.

Our kids were glued to these tanks. So much to see!

Sea horses!

Bean is shaking her buns at the shark tank and singing, “Come and bite me, come and bite me, come and bite me now!” I don’t know where she comes up with this stuff.

The jellies are always fun to look at.

A King Crab. Bean kept calling all the crabs sea spiders.

The kids didn’t really like the idea of being stuck in their strollers.

Our weekend also wound up being pretty packed. Started off with some morning snuggles for Bean and Sparrow which is part of our morning routine most days.


Then our older kids had haircuts with our favorite stylist.



And then I made sauce. My grandma’s recipe, but totally from scratch (all raw and fresh, organic ingredients) and I left out all the meat.


The next day we decided to be a little spontaneous after church. So we drove north on the 101. We stopped off in Santa Maria first so that the newest cousins could meet.

Just a couple months apart, we are sure these boys are going to have many adventures and times of mischief together when the family gathers, just like Stephen and Jon (his dad) did growing up.

And here are five of the seven Wuertz great grandchildren:


After our visit we headed just a little further north to partake in our favorite clam chowder as a belated celebration for my birthday.


And a short walk around town before heading back home.


And we’ll just end there on a positive note because the five hour epic car torture session does not need to be relived.

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Daily, 12/4

A few years ago, pre-kids I was over at Talia’s and laughing because I caught a glimpse of her kids’ lunch plates and noticed they had eaten their apple slices like you would eat an orange slice, leaving the peel behind. Well, guess who started doing the exact same thing all on her own at breakfast today?

Kids are weird.

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Just some randomness…

Kids are napping in the back of the van and I’m sitting here in the parking lot of Whole Foods enjoying their free wifi so I thought I’d share what’s been on my mind this week besides Spring Fashion.

-Went to Babies & Books this morning at the TO Library. Parents talking on their cell phones during events like this really piss me off. It’s like you are there doing this activity with your kids(s), so be there, be present. Don’t sit in the corner talking and expect everyone else to watch and play with your kids. Ugh! Two parents did this and it happens pretty regularly. I always put my phone on silent during B&B, I think it is only polite.

-We tried potty training yesterday. Basically so I could just get it out of my system and give myself the satisfaction of knowing that we did try and that I didn’t hold her back because I was too lazy/preoccupied to deal with it.

We got the thick training undies, potty seat that fits on our toilet, lots of drinks, gluten-free gummi bears for treats, step stool, the whole nine yards. For the first couple hours I was tricked into thinking this would be so easy that I basically wouldn’t even have to “try”. Just after I put on the undies she said “potty potty” and pulled them down. Put her on and she did a little #1. A little while later the process repeated with a successful #2. Then she peed three times all over the floor right after that without saying anything and I was done. This morning she asked to go again and did a successful #2 on the potty after I took her diaper off. But I’m not doing undies again. If she wants to tell me she has to go and asks to go I’ll let her go, but I’m not going to camp out by the bathroom and try to watch her like a hawk or clean up accidents. It’s just not what I’m up for.

-Just read my pediatrician’s book. I started it Wednesday afternoon and finished it last night right before bed. I just really think it is the best. It basically articulates and explores everything I think about why I am doing what I am doing and then backs it up with scientific, medical, anthropological and psychological research.

-Um hello dream house. It really exists and not too far from where I live.

-Made the best bread ever yesterday.

Bean just woke up though so I’ll have to share the recipe at a later date. So good though.

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Great friends…

I have had the priviledge of knowing Talia (and her family) for well over five years now. As so many others have said, Talia is the sweetest person you could know! I am so glad to count her as a friend. Her husband, Jeremy, goes even further back with Stephen, as you saw in the old photos I posted a few days ago.

While we don’t see eachother very often, they are the kind of friends that when we do hang out it never feels awkward and we just keep on staying until we all realize it is way past bedtime and that one of us has a 30 minute drive home ahead of us because we live on complete opposite ends of town. It is well worth it every time though.

The other thing is that we are the kind of friends that are too busy having fun to remember to take pictures! So the last few times we’ve seen eachother, we’ve been trying to make a point of picture taking. Talia just sent me the pictures she had on her camera. So here goes…

From her perfect shower (no dumb games, just the best little time of visiting and opening gifts even the kids were there!)…

Yay! We finally have a picture of us together!

And as promised, Bean and I modeling the sling I made her.

Sunday night we had dinner (in which I discovered a white sauce that comes in a jar and actually tastes really good) and hung out for the last time before the move and before little Rosalie arrives. It was at their house that I realized that my camera didn’t have the memory card in it all day which meant that not only could I not take pictures of our time together that night, but that I also had NO pictures from Bean’s baby dedication that morning. I’m hoping Stephen’s mom got some and will pass them along. Anyway, here are the pictures I took with Talia’s camera…

Talia requested that Stephen bring his guitar over. So Stephen grabbed my guitar. We refer to it fondly as the “beater” guitar because it is the least expensive of all the guitars in this house. So we don’t mind taking it places where it could get a “beating” like the beach, hanging out in the back of a hot car, where kids are likely to have accidents around it, etc. It is still a great guitar though and sounds good. Anyway, while we were there Talia was saying that she wished she had a guitar and I was going to just give it to her (Stephen has given away his fair shair of instruments over the years, so I figured I could do the same), but when I announced this we all found out that Jeremy had already sneakily bought the guitar for Talia as a surprise. I’m glad the guitar has a new home with such good friends.

Annabelle was having so much fun playing with Bean. Poor Emma had pink eye and had to stay a little isolated that night. 😦 Even though pink eye is really contagious we decided to risk it because we knew this was our last chance to hang out and I knew from the tear duct business after Bean was born that I had everything I need to treat it for free (Yay for breastmilk!).

Do you see that lovely little blue bird blanket Bean is sitting on? Well Talia decided that she was going to make her own receiving blankets for Rosalie because the ones in the store are way too small. So she got a bunch of different flannels and made some. She decided to make an extra blue bird one because the fabric was just so cute. And so then when I agreed on how cute it was she gave me the extra one. Yay! I love, love, love this blanket. Eeeee! Thank you so, so much Talia.

Of course Talia could not resist Bean’s cuteness. She had so much fun making Bean giggle. It was too cute.

So anyway, I’m thinking this will be the last post before the move and until we get our Internet service set up. I think it is a great way to wrap things up in Bakersfield… with good friends. We will miss you all!


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“Look! Hers is holding my hand.”

Between other mamas going into labor, phone tag, sick kids and busy schedules my midwife and I were having a bit of trouble connecting. Finally, today I called her up since I was heading over to that side of town and she was planning to be home all day!

When I got there she was doing a prenatal on another client. I came inside and she had me wait in the livingroom. One of her daughters exclaimed, “Mom you have TWO ladies now!” She seemed really excited about it.

In addition to her kids she had one of her nieces over. All the girls were so cute. They were all pretending to be pregnant with dolls stuffed up their shirts. They were very interested and excited about Bean being in their presence. As I sat down I was swarmed by them.

“Can I touch her head?”

“Sure. Just be gentle.”

Bean was immediately loved on by these little girls with kisses, hugs and pats on the head.

“Look! Hers is holding my hand.”

“Yep, she sure is. She might not give it back. She likes to hold onto things really tight.”

“Hers likes me.”

“I think you’re right she’s smiling right at you.”

“Can I hold her?”

“No, she’s still too little.”

“She’s wearing pink just like my baby.”

“That’s right.”

“Oooo Little Bill is on. Does she like Little Bill?”

“Well, she doesn’t really watch TV yet so I don’t know.”

“Can you button my Cinderella costume?”

“Sure can!”

“She looks just like my cousin.”

“Our cousin just turned one.”

“Wow her eyes are blue!”

“She smells good.”

The other couple left and I started to head back to the “exam room” aka my midwife’s bedroom.

“Is Mommy going to check you out? Are you going to have another baby?”

“Oh, no. Not yet. She’s just checking me out for after the baby.”

“Sorry. They’re all just very interested in what I do.”

“Oh, it’s OK.”

And OK hanging out with all those cute little girls today that were so interested in Bean totally makes me want another baby. It was so cute seeing them interact. I know we need to space things out a little bit more than this, but jeeze it was cute.

After that I headed over to Babies ‘R Us where I saw a very pregnant and gorgeous Kourtni hanging out with her beautiful kids and trying to keep busy till little Genevieve decides to make her debut.

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