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Just some randomness…

Kids are napping in the back of the van and I’m sitting here in the parking lot of Whole Foods enjoying their free wifi so I thought I’d share what’s been on my mind this week besides Spring Fashion.

-Went to Babies & Books this morning at the TO Library. Parents talking on their cell phones during events like this really piss me off. It’s like you are there doing this activity with your kids(s), so be there, be present. Don’t sit in the corner talking and expect everyone else to watch and play with your kids. Ugh! Two parents did this and it happens pretty regularly. I always put my phone on silent during B&B, I think it is only polite.

-We tried potty training yesterday. Basically so I could just get it out of my system and give myself the satisfaction of knowing that we did try and that I didn’t hold her back because I was too lazy/preoccupied to deal with it.

We got the thick training undies, potty seat that fits on our toilet, lots of drinks, gluten-free gummi bears for treats, step stool, the whole nine yards. For the first couple hours I was tricked into thinking this would be so easy that I basically wouldn’t even have to “try”. Just after I put on the undies she said “potty potty” and pulled them down. Put her on and she did a little #1. A little while later the process repeated with a successful #2. Then she peed three times all over the floor right after that without saying anything and I was done. This morning she asked to go again and did a successful #2 on the potty after I took her diaper off. But I’m not doing undies again. If she wants to tell me she has to go and asks to go I’ll let her go, but I’m not going to camp out by the bathroom and try to watch her like a hawk or clean up accidents. It’s just not what I’m up for.

-Just read my pediatrician’s book. I started it Wednesday afternoon and finished it last night right before bed. I just really think it is the best. It basically articulates and explores everything I think about why I am doing what I am doing and then backs it up with scientific, medical, anthropological and psychological research.

-Um hello dream house. It really exists and not too far from where I live.

-Made the best bread ever yesterday.

Bean just woke up though so I’ll have to share the recipe at a later date. So good though.

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Eye Candy Friday: Conejo Creek Park

Today I headed to Conejo Creek Park (I think, correct me if I am wrong TO friends/fam) which is also where the library is. After walking around quite a bit we headed over to the baby swings so Bean could get some swing time in. That’s when I overheard one of the other moms talking very loudly on her cell phone about how there was going to be a storytime at the library in a few minutes. I headed back to the car to give Bean a quick diaper change and then we went to storytime.

The storytime was great. Very interactive and geared towards babies with lots of picking them up, bouncing on the knee, tickles, and singing. Then they had a play time with tons of great toys for all the kids to have fun with.

It was perfection. Several hours of keeping Bean occupied and not fussy!

The parks here are gorgeous. So green with lots and lots of big huge trees. My photography skills weren’t the greatest this morning, I seriously think my camera is frizzing out lately, but here are some pictures from the park.

These little guys are EVERYWHERE around here!

When I sat down by the pond to take their picture all these ducks started swimming towards me. There were at least 10 times as many as you see here. I think they thought I might feed them. I did not.

I love how creepy oak trees look.

Since I’d never been there before I just stopped at the first parking lot I saw and proceeded to head into the first sidewalk. Except this is just a stand alone area. There was a guy in there doing a Bible study and I think I disrupted him. He got up and left. Sorry sir if you are reading this. I didn’t know where I was going.

Anyway, I’m hoping that the change of scenery will make today go a little better and I can get the laundry that normally takes me a day to do finally done after three days.

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