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“Stop the car! I can’t find the baby Jesus!”

At Christmas our kids received the LittlePeople nativity. Bean has been kind of obsessed with babies in general and she took a major liking to “the baby Jesus” from the nativity. She carried it around with her, wanted to sleep with it, wrap it in blankets, have it in her car seat, etc.

Bean usually has some kind of bag or box or purse for carrying a random assortment of currently favorite items.


Her current favorite carrying case is this lunch tin:

Today I found it with baby rings, bubble wrap, the LittlePeople mechanic, and a gold elastic string she had tied in several knots.

Here are a couple of other samples from today:

Her silk and pearls bag with Mater, baby clothes, Little People “veggie box” (that’s what she calls it)


Hello Kitty glitter purse with “Fransico Bernoolia” (that’s how she says it), Plan City wooden fire truck, mini baby doll.

So last night after dinner we all head over to Target for the usual random Target necessities. We’ve just left my in-law’s house and we’re about halfway there when Bean, after frantically searching her lunch tin, shouts, “Hey! Stop the car! I can’t find the baby Jesus!”

We let her know that we can’t really stop the car at that moment, but that we’re really close to Target and we can look for “the baby Jesus” when we get there. “No! Hey! Pull over! I need to find the baby Jesus!”

We do not find “the baby Jesus” when we get to Target. A meltdown ensues. But we push onĀ and we make it through Target.

As soon as we get home Bean walks through the door and announces, “I can’t find the baby Jesus!” My mother-in-law, completely oblivious to the figurine she’s been carrying all week and not knowing what Bean is talking about quips back, “He’s in your heart!” Bean shouts back, nearly in tears, “No he’s NOT! He’s NOT in my heart! And he’s not in my tin! And he’s not in the car! We can’t find him! We have to look for him!”

I explain about the figurine and we all go on a search with no luck. Grandpa even humors her by looking for “the baby Jesus” inside the cuckoo clock.

So this afternoon at my sister’s house Bean explains her woes, “Auntie Andrea, we can’t find the baby Jesus anywhere and he’s not in my heart, he’s not in the car, he’s not at grandma and grandpa’s and he’s not in the cuckoo clock.”

Oh man, trying to explain this just keeps getting more and more complicated as the search continues. Well, would you say a prayer that we find “the baby Jesus” soon? I’m not so sure I want my three-year-old arguing that “the baby Jesus” is NOT in her heart. Haha.


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