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Crocked Pork Tenderloin: Night one, carnitas burrito bowls

I am really excited about this recipe and the one I will be sharing tomorrow because they are both super easy things that a busy mom can make and get double the mileage out of them. Plus, since both meals are pretty different you will be able to appeal to those loved ones that refuse to eat leftovers (I am very thankful my husband isn’t one of those, but I know several wives/moms who have to deal with this problem).

Everything starts out using your crock pot to slow cook a pork tenderloin. You’ll use the meat for burrito bowls and then for pulled pork sandwiches. It’s going to be scrumptious.

Slow Cooked Pork Tenderloin
• 1 pork tenderloin (I’m not sure the weight of the one we used, but it was fairly small. I only have to make meals for two nights for two people though so choose the size based on your family and how much meat you think you will need to feed them for two nights)
• 4-6 peppers (I used 3 small red bell peppers and two Anaheim peppers. Choose according to your family’s tastes for spicy or sweet)
• 1-2 onions
• oregano
• ground cumin
• salt
• pepper
• hot sauce
• 1/4 cup chicken broth

Coarsely chop peppers and onion(s). Place in bottom of crock pot to form a bed for your meat.

Place meat on top of veggies. You may need to cut it into smaller pieces or fold it to fit. Pour chicken broth over top.

Season meat according to your family’s tastes with spices and hot sauce. For example, I’m not a huge fan of too much cumin, but I know that a bit gives a flavor that I’ll later sense is missing without it. As you can tell from the picture below I basically used a few dashes of each thing.

If your family likes things spicier, feel free to use a ton of hot sauce. If they like things milder, use a tiny bit or none at all.

Cover your crock pot and cook on low for 6 hours.

Remove meat from the crock pot. Shred using two forks or whatever method you typically use to shred cooked meat. Add a little cooking liquid to the shredded meat and then discard the remaining contents of the crock pot.

Now you are ready to incorporate this yummy goodness into the first meal: burrito bowls with carnitas.

Everyone loves Chipotle, right? But not everyone loves spending $15 for two people to eat out. Ever since Steph shared the recipes for Chipotle’s cilantro lime rice and guacamole I don’t think we’ve eaten out at Chipotle and these homemade burrito bowls have become an almost weekly staple in our dinner menu.

I think I’ve come pretty close to the black beans recipe, so I’ll share it here. Then all you need is some shredded cheese, salsa of your choice (though Steph has said that she and Cale are working on the recipe for that yummy Chipotle corn salsa, so keep an eye out on her blog) and sour cream or whatever else you usually get on your “burrito bol” at Chipotle.

Almost Chipotle Black Beans
• 1 can black beans (do not drain and rinse them)
• 1 jalepeño, finely diced
• couple dashes of cumin, oregano, salt and pepper
• juice of one lime
• 2 bay leaves

Combine all ingredients in a saucepan and simmer over low heat until warmed through. Discard bay leaves and serve.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s really, really easy recipe for pulled pork sandwiches.


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