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Sprout – month two

Sprout is two months old today.

He sleeps through the night now, so long as I swaddle him and he sleeps upright in his vibrating bouncy seat.

Early on in this month we moved him down the hall and into the guestroom to sleep because he is such a loud sleeper. He grunts and sighs and makes all kinds of noises really loudly all night long and I just couldn’t get any sleep with all that going on.

He smiles all the time. Especially at his sister.

He still spits up quite a bit. We both go through several outfit changes a day. I don’t think I own a single piece of clothing without a greasy spit up stain on it.

I am starting to get glimpses of his personality. He just seems to be a very happy easy going baby as long as gas/reflux/colic are not bothering him. So once those things get over with I think it is going to be a lot of fun having him around.

I know some of you bemoan every little development as it means your children are babies no longer, but that’s not me. I’m pretty excited about the fact that Sprout is growing and that these first couple months have gone by so fast. I love my kids very much, but newborns definitely are not my favorite.

So, I’m very glad that Sprout is quickly losing some of that newbornishness with every accumulating fat roll and longer stretch that he makes between feedings.

They say you never know what kind of parent you are going to be until you have your first kids, no matter how many parenting books you read beforehand. I think I would extend that to the second child as well. There was and is so much I’ve learned about myself, my kids, and being a parent. And it isn’t that cliche that as the oldestĀ Bean was the guinea pig, by any means. Things that worked with her don’t always necessarily work with him. Things that I had time, energy, patience, etc. with her I don’t necessarily have with two kids. And I’m still learning and still having to adapt. It’s good, it’s hard, and so worth it.


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