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Sprout – month 10

The fact that we are in DOUBLE digits is kind of freaking me out. It is going by so fast! I guess this is what I wanted, but jeeze.

We had our 10 month appointment today at the pediatrician and just like Bean did, Sprout has dropped on the charts. He dropped a pound since his last appointment. He’s at the 6th and 7th percentile for weight and height. Our pediatrician said that they see this all the time with breastfed babies. I could tell he was thinning out. He felt lighter and his face looked thinner. Everyone has been commenting on it too.

Plus he’s been moving around so much more this month. He pulls himself up on everything and is doing the real crawl now.

He was also sick almost the whole month and didn’t have much of an appetite during that time. Luckily the appetite is back. He usually winds up eating even more than Bean most nights at dinner and usually lunch and breakfast too. He doesn’t look small next to babies his same age.

So I don’t really understand all those growth charts.

He can drink out of straw cups. He loves vegetables, beans, meat, grains (no wheat yet), and sometimes fruit. He’s not too big on sweet stuff. Lately he’s been really digging pears in the morning for breakfast though.

He’s waking up a ton at night. I figure it was the ear infections and now he’s teething again too. It will pass, I know, but the last month has been kind of tough to get through for me.

He’s pretty much given up the morning nap, but sometimes he still takes one if I’m lucky. I’ve just come to the realization with this kid that he is just not a good sleeper. He never really has been. He doesn’t take good naps and doesn’t sleep well at night. There’s really no point in being frustrated over it though. I just try to work with it and go with the flow. Or that’s my new attitude anyway. And drink lots of coffee. Ha!

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