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Sparrow months 8 and 9

I missed out on the 8 month update because, well, life got crazy.

The day Sparrow turned 8 months old we were in Arizona for Stephen’s cousin’s wedding and then we went to Bakersfield immediately from there for Stephen to accept his job offer and start looking for a place to live.

But we’ve made it through the other side of crazy.

He finally started sitting up on his own around the 8 month mark and I felt like his little personality started to shine through as well. Up until this point he was just this little baby. He had baby mannerisms and just seemed so infantile. During month 8 he started doing this fake cry thing when a toy would be taken from him by a sibling where he’d be on his tummy and throw his head back and let out this half hearted fuss. He also started to laugh at a lot more stuff. He was really zooming with the army crawl too.








This last month Sparrow has made a few more milestones. He’s perfected sitting up and is no longer super wobbly. He can sign all done now. The last few days he has started to do real crawling, but still favors the army crawl for quick getaways. There have been a few times when he’s used an object like a box or my legs to pull himself up into a knee stand. He’s also decided in the last week or so that he is going to reject all puréed food and only feed himself. I’ve been having to get pretty creative there because there is still quite a bit he can’t handle yet and there have been a few coughing and near choking incidents. Sometimes he comes close to what sounds like Papa, Mama and Bubba. He’s definitely chattering away with all kinds of vocal sounds lately too. Fingers crossed his blue eyes are sticking. The other two kids had their eyes change around 8-9 months, but his are still deep blue-grey. The blue eyes come from my dad and sisters.





The drool is out in full force right now and I am really hoping that means this last little tooth will finally be coming in. It has been brutal waiting for it to make an appearance.



He’s also a bit of a mauler! I feel like I’m always getting bitten or slapped or pinched. And I had to get new glasses frames this month because the kid keeps ripping them off my face really fast and throwing them.

Attack of the killer baby!

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Sparrow’s 5 month photo shoot

And then this is a fun progression…

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September 2011


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Sprout month twelve

Tomorrow this sweet little boy turns one year old. It has been a great year.

He is pretty much a full time walker now and is going everywhere. Two of his one year molars have broken thru. He is still a pretty terrible sleeper.

The last couple weeks he has joined his sister in excited Papa is home greetings by stopping everything as soon as the sound of the door happens and running to him. Very cute.

He is very much in a “me too” phase. If he sees his sister or even me or anyone with something or getting something, particularly food, grunts and whines begin because he wants some too.

He is also in the screech phase. Boy is it loud too. Leaving the house with him is sometimes an issue because of this.

He is really, really sweet and loving. During the day when playing with his sister he always stops periodically and comes over to give me a hug or rest his head on my lap. Bean always does this scream and run from me thing, but he doesn’t do that. He just really is sweet, snuggly and loves his mama. Melts my heart every time.


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And just like that…

…we are a month away from TWO YEARS OLD!

These are a few of your favorite things:

Being outside. At the park. Our mini back yard. Helping me water the plants. Eating snacks on our little bistro set. Rearranging the dirt in the flower beds. At the beach in the sand.

Ballet shoes. Dance parties in the living room. Music. Singing. Action songs. The Wheels on the Bus. Raffi. “See Emma dance ocean.”

Water. At the beach. Making puddles from your sippy cup. Pouring water in various kitchen toys. Watering the plants. Water in the bath. Washing your hands. Water in the potty. Yes, I just said water in the potty. It’s an issue. We’re working on it.

Getting into things. Trying to be like me. Making messes.

Helping in the kitchen. And by helping I mean sneaking tastes every step of the way and licking the beaters. Making granola (I can’t even pull the oats out without you demanding that we make the stuff). Being lifted up to see what I’m doing. Watching the mixer spin.

All things William. Drumming. Musical instruments. Singing songs. The Beatles. Dancing. Listening to music.

Playing dress up. My wedding shoes. Head bands. Bows. Hair clips. Pig tails. Brushing your hair. Trying on all your clothes. Changing outfits multiple times a day. Changing shoes multiple times a day. Anything with flowers or pink or gold on it is, “so cute,” and must be worn. Jackets (even though we’ve finally got some summer weather in the 90s). Pink cowgirl boots.

Band-aids. Talking about your boo-boos. Pretending with your dollies. Making them do everything you or your Bubba do, including diaper changes, stroller rides, walker time, sitting in the high chair and being pushed in the stroller. Taking your knitted dolly with you everywhere.

Snuggle with Papa. Snuggle with Mama. You come in our room every morning with your blanket, pillow, paci and dolly asking for this. Or, “Mama/Papa hold you.” So cute.

Hugs. Kisses. Sprout.

I feel like it has gone by so fast. That you’ve completely changed and grown overnight into a girl. A real girl. With real thoughts. Real wants and desires. Someone that actually communicates these things to me with words and sentences. I feel like I’m grasping to hold onto it. To the baby fat melting away as you turn into a skinny little kid. To my baby.


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Sprout – month three

So I had this whole long post that I was writing the last few days in my head and then life got a little crazy in the form of my youngest sister announcing that she is getting married tomorrow and my other sister flying down with her husband from Oregon and basically I can’t even remember all the stuff I was going to say.

But look! Cute chubby baby!


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Bean at 18 months

I can’t believe I forgot to mention this yesterday (or, actually I can, you saw all that I’ve been up to), but it was Bean’s half birthday yesterday. She’s 18 months old now!

She is picking up on and learning SO MUCH stuff lately.

We’ll start of with her new words for the month: apple, cold, car, hello, kite, cupcake, bite, nana (banana), elbow, Elmo, naks (snacks), *Lizzie (*cousin’s name, but this is her mom’s alias for the Internet), tractor, taco, happy, pig, towel, backpack, ee i ee i oh, puppy, highchair, Bible, stuck, tights, knee, pants, plate, and (finally!) please.

It is so crazy how quickly she is getting words now and which ones she just picks up on.

She even puts concepts together sometimes, for example she’ll say key, car, go buh-bye, shoes or eat eat, apple, beans, nana.

She loves to do starfall.com with me and loves to point out body parts. She also still really loves singing songs, especially movement songs. She loves to be read to and it seems like every night before bed she’s sneaking in more and more books. 😉

Then yesterday she started showing interest in the potty! I don’t know what to really think or do about this. Yesterday we basically did a bit of a form of “elimination communication”. She started to get the “poop face” and then ran to the bathroom door downstairs. I asked her if she was going and if she wanted to go in the potty and she nodded. So I stripped her down and she finished what she had started on the potty. This happened twice and then one time she just asked to sit on the potty, but as soon as I got her up there she did the sign for and said “all done” without actually doing anything. I don’t think she really likes being on our big potty though because she feels like she’s going to fall.

I am so not of the personality to just force potty training on her. Plus, I have SO MANY friends that have had such a hard time with this or have thought signs like this meant their child was totally ready only to wind up frustrated a few months later when their child regresses and is back in diapers. Plus, I don’t really want to make the investment in some wardrobe changes (about 75% of her current wardrobe is onesies, which wouldn’t really work with potty training for obvious reasons), training pants and a potty seat. Then there’s the whole problem of trying to do potty runs while I’m holding/nursing/burping a baby. But then, am I just holding her back? Agh!

She’s become quite the climber. She’s figured out how to climb up on her rocking horse and ride it, climb into brother’s bouncy seat, the swing, and her walker. She also tries to climb up on the steps on the outside of the railing sometimes and any step stools we have around the house (hint, I’m short so there are lots).

Well anyway, that about sums things up for the month.

I’ll leave you with the many faces of Bean. She has the best, most expressive face I think. I just love it.


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