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A proper update

So I realized that I have been great about documenting all my knitting adventures lately, but not so great about documenting Bean and this pregnancy. The last time I did anything close to a real update was about a month ago when I talked about the learning adventures of Bean. So I’m well overdue, I’d say.

I guess I will start off back at the learning adventures, as it seems like as good a place as any. We’re still trying to make learning a daily part of our lives in a natural way.

Reading with her Papa just before heading out to a Halloween party we attended.

However, I’ve completely cut the DVD portion of the Your Baby Can Read! system out. When all the stuff about the Baby Einsteins videos came out I decided that Bean did not need to be watching TV, even TV specifically designed for babies, yet. Actually, the DVD part of the system is what bugged me the most anyway and that is what I was talking about when I said I was not willing to follow his strict plan for learning.

His suggestion is that you watch the DVD for the unit you are on twice a day. You are also supposed to move on to the next unit once a month and once you move on to a new unit you are still supposed to watch the DVDs from the previous units three times a week. So you figure that by the time you get to the end of the five or six DVD system your kid is basically going to be watching TV a majority of the day. I think this is ridiculous.

Besides, Bean is a very inquisitive and alert little girl. She wants to learn about the world around her. She is constantly asking what stuff is. She loves music and particularly likes it when we sing songs with hand motions in them like The Itsy Bitsy Spider. I really don’t think I have anything to worry about as far as her ability to learn. And besides, she’s ONE.

Bean has become a full-time walker. It has been so nice because now I don’t have to carry her everywhere anymore which is admittedly getting harder and harder to do as the pregnancy wears on. She can climb the stairs and will follow me around the house or walk somewhere holding my hand.

I completely weaned her on November 1. It wasn’t something I was really planning on. Actually, the biting issues had completely stopped (finally!) and I was pretty much fine with continuing to nurse her before naps and at bedtime. Plus, everytime that I thought I was going to do it she’d get a cold or had a reaction to vaccines or something and I felt like I needed to continue so she could get antibodies and stuff.

About a week or so before I weaned her I had started getting really uncomfortable Braxton Hicks during every nursing session that would last for several hours afterwards. So I started to think that I really should reconsider weaning her because I didn’t want nursing to send me into premature labor or something. I was still feeling really torn about the whole thing though because I knew she just wasn’t ready to stop. She was always coming up to me and tugging on my shirt. I guess my philosophy is more along the lines of child-led weaning in some ways.

Well, on the afternoon of November 1 I nursed Bean as usual before her nap and she basically treated me like a jungle gym the entire time. She was even upside down at one point. It was pretty ridiculous. That combined with some contractions afterwards had me frustrated. I came downstairs and told Stephen that I was done. However, in the back of my mind I wasn’t sure if this was really going to be the case. I’ve said that many times and then not actually quit. Well anyway, the rest of the day she didn’t ask to nurse. I gave her some regular milk before bed that night and she didn’t ask to nurse again. The next day came and she didn’t ask to nurse at all. It’s been like that ever since. So I guess she was just done like me. I’m really glad that this is the way it went and I didn’t have to make it happen because I’m not sure I would have been up for it.

On a related note, we’ve been having some food issues around here. Today Bean once again proved that she’s willing to eat pretty much anything so long as it is in a restaurant. She shared chicken nachos from Baja Fresh with me and ate quite a huge portion of them. If I try to make the same thing at home, she picks at it. Same goes for anything from orange chicken to broccoli to pasta, etc. At home she’s just incredibly picky and I can hardly get her to eat. It is very frustrating. Some days I/we go out to eat for lunch or dinner just so I know that she’ll get something to eat besides grains (cereal, bread, oatmeal, or crackers), dairy (yogurt or milk mostly and cheese only in the form of a quesadilla) and fruit. I thought I had solved this problem by eliminating Cheerios from her diet and while that did seem to make things a little better and get her to try a few new items, the problem still seems to persist. I’ve tried the “toddler boat” idea (an ice cube tray or muffin tin filled with various items for them to graze on all day) from Dr. Sears, spoon feeding jar food (works sometimes), and a whole host of other things. At her last doctor’s appointment Bean was anemic and her pediatrician said I need her to eat leafy greens and red meat. I have not been successful at all in this. Any suggestions from parents of other picky eaters would be welcome.

She’s also teething yet again. A couple of bottom teeth are coming in. She’s been a bit of a bear to deal with some days. She is also chewing on everything. I’ve actually had to take her books and other cardboard type toys (some blocks and a couple other items) out of the toy box only to be looked at and read with our active supervision because she was eating them so much. I feel like a bit of a bad mom because of this since she loves her books so much, but the amount of cardboard consumption was getting ridiculous.

Chewing on her crib to alleviate the teething pain.

You can see the damage from her chewing just above her hand on the right side of the picture.

As far as pregnancy, depending on which due date calculation you use I am somewhere between 32w and 33w3d along. In the last week or so I’ve had a resurgence of some of my first trimester woes, particularly heartburn and morning sickness. The morning sickness is fairly easily taken care of by Zofran and Unisom, but both make me really drowsy and so can only be taken just prior to Bean’s nap or bedtime. The heartburn, on the other hand, really doesn’t seem to have any cure. Sometimes it is so bad that it makes me cough and gag.

Even without nursing anymore I am still experiencing a lot of uncomfortable Braxton Hicks contractions. They usually occur when I have busy days or when I have to climb the stairs a lot. Sometimes they make me have panic attacks. I think this is because my uterus gets so hard that my lungs and other organs are even more squashed than usual. I start to feel like I can’t get a good breath and then I panic. I know this is not good. I’m really trying to figure out ways not to panic and calm down. Sometimes just drinking some really cold water seems to help. I really want to figure this out before it comes time for real labor though or I might be in some serious trouble.

Anyway, that just about sums everything up around here. Hopefully I’ll be more prompt with my updates in the future. ūüôā


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They do exist.

If you’ve read Bean’s birth story, you know I didn’t have the greatest experience with the OB community. Perhaps I brought it a bit on myself by going into appointments guns ablazin’ after reading a lot of research. However, even prior to my last OB and being pregnant, I didn’t have the best experience with those guys (and I say those guys because it really is a very male dominated profession).

So, when I found out I was pregnant again I just felt like there was no way I’d ever go see another OB. I love my midwife. She gave me a level of care that was far beyond what I could have ever hoped for. For about half a minute I thought about trying to find another midwife that was local, but I already had this relationship established. Plus, she has had patients as far north as Fresno which is the same distance away as we are from her. I didn’t want to have to go through trying to find someone else. I wanted her. So that’s the decision I made.

From the outset of this pregnancy it seemed like there was really no reason to question that decision. I was having absolutely no problems. This pregnancy was a cake walk compared to when I was pregnant with Bean. I didn’t even have morning sickness for quite sometime. My labs showed no signs of hyperthyroidism. I was doing great, eating great and feeling great. I was very excited that this time I was going to have a pregnancy, labor and delivery that was as intervention free as possible.

Well, then things changed a bit. I started having morning sickness and while not as bad as it was with Bean, it was still miserable. I was managing though. I started taking some over-the-counter medications that have been known to help with the morning sickness. I started avoiding foods like tomatoes and anything spicey that would give me severe heartburn and indigestion. I was doing OK. I was still eating regular meals. For the most part I wasn’t throwing up multiple times a day or even every day.

The nausea has been getting worse though and I haven’t been gaining weight. Actually, I lost all the weight that I put on the first few weeks of the first trimester and then some. I currently weigh less than my lowest point with Bean. Stephen has had to work from home a couple days because of the way I was feeling.

Unfortunately, there isn’t anything that my midwife can do about this except tell me to go to the hospital for some IVs if I get particularly dehydrated. Which is what things nearly came to last night. I couldn’t keep anything down for several hours. Plus my wretching did something to my esaphagus. It felt like I had a lump in my throat and chest like when you swallow a pill and it gets stuck halfway down. Anything I tried to eat after that¬†felt like sandpaper grinding its way down to my stomach. I was finally able to get some medicine in me that calmed things down a bit, but did nothing for the nausea. Then once that kicked in I could only manage tiny sips of water the rest of the night. This morning when I woke up I could not see any of my veins which is what happens when I get dehydrated. I was pretty worried.

Not only was I worried about the fact that I was dehydrated, I was worried about Bean and what this meant for her and my breastmilk, I was worried about if we had to go to the hospital and the questions and rude remarks we might get about my seeing a midwife (not just any midwife mind you, one that is two hours away). I was not looking forward to being told that I just needed to eat crackers first thing in the morning to feel better. I was not looking forward to a lot of things.

The fact that my morning sickness has been getting worse and not better this late in the pregnancy doesn’t exactly go over well with me. I mean last time I was really sick in the beginning (like started feeling it a mere 5 days after conception) and then it tapered off around 14 weeks. This time I didn’t even start feeling bad until about 8 or 9 weeks. At over 15 weeks pregnant, I’m starting to wonder if it is going to just keep getting worse or if it will be over with soon. And, if it does keep getting worse, what the heck am I going to do then? Make a bunch of trips to the ER? Doesn’t sound like fun, as I mentioned above.

Awhile ago a friend of mine here had recommended an OB to me, but with my never-seeing-an-OB-again attitude, I sort of just filed it away in the back of my mind. This morning I couldn’t do that though, not when I knew that I was seriously dehydrated.

So I called their office soon after they opened. I explained my situation in full. That I had been seeing a midwife and planning a homebirth. That I had HG last time around and it was starting to seem like that’s the way things were heading. That my midwife was in Bakersfield and there wasn’t really much she could do for me in this situation. That I really didn’t want to wind up in the ER. The receptionist was warm and friendly. She made no comment about how far along I was without having seen an OB. She made no comment about my choice to see a midwife. She got me an appointment for this afternoon.

I started feeling much better as the day wore on. I kept down water, a smoothie and a sandwich. Instead of rejoicing in this though, I was thinking, “Just great. Of course I start feeling better hours before I’m supposed to see the doctor.” Then I just kept worrying about the appointment and getting nervous as the time drew near. Playing out conversations that were yet to be in my head. Trying to make my decisions sound completely reasonable and not like those of a crazy hippie woman.

I was so pleased to discover that all of my worrying was completely unnecessary. When I got to the office, I was the only one there. It definitely didn’t have that cattle feel that my last OB’s office did. The nurses were friendly, cooing at Bean. They knew who I was immediately. Went over the paperwork with me. Never made a single disparaging remark about the midwife thing at all. When I told them I was still unsure about whether I really wanted to transfer care to the doctor or continue seeing my midwife they were completely fine with that. Even when I went back there was still no other patients waiting in the office. I didn’t feel like I was being rushed through despite having only been given this appointment a few hours prior.

Then the doctor came in. He was so awesome. We went over my concerns and my medical history with regard to pregnancy. I explained the situation with the midwife and he didn’t balk or try to talk me out of my decision or anything like that. He agreed to give me a prescription for some stronger nausea medicine. If the prescription worked then that would be great, if not we’d talk about other options, other medications and possibly home or hospital IV care. But he didn’t think it would come to that. He just thinks I need something a little more potent than the OTC meds I was taking. He said after we were done treating my problem I could still choose to give birth at home with my midwife as planned or he would be happy to deliver me at the local hospital here. It was a complete relief.

I mean really, there is SO MUCH antimosity in the medical community between midwives and OBs. Maybe you think I’m blowing this out of proportion or you don’t believe me, but there is. I’ve experienced it first hand and I know many others who have as well. So to see an OB that is willing to treat my one problem and then let me continue as I choose in the birth I want is really amazing and refreshing to me.

I called my midwife afterwards and told her all about the appointment. She was so glad I had such a good experience and also thinks it is good for me to have this local backup plan.

The more I think about it, the more I think I’ll likely continue to see this doctor. It would be nice to have a backup plan in case my birth doesn’t go the way I hope. I mean if I am going to have an OB at my birth, I want the one that says stuff like this:

“I’m really hands off. I’ll give you your options and let you make a decision.”

“If you are in labor and your body is contracting naturally, there is no reason for me to augment that with pitocin to try and speed things up. Your body is going to do what it was created to do. Not every labor fits an arbitrary preset time clock.”

And I know from my friend’s birth story in which she had a 63 hour labor that ended in a completely natural birth, that these aren’t mere words. That this is stuff he actually believes in and practices. It really is just so refreshing to find someone like this. I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if he oversees some homebirth midwives on the side. His attitude is completely amazing. I am so happy to have found such a wonderful doctor here locally.


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Random, 12 weeks pregnant, etc.

Today I am 12 weeks pregnant. The end of the first trimester. What has that landmark looked like? Well I’ve pretty much felt awful. Woke up at 5:30am to barf.

Stephen stayed home and worked from home because Bean is teething (AGAIN!) and there was no way I could handle that feeling the way I do.

Around 11 I started to perk up a bit and felt guilty for having Stephen stay home.

Because of the teething Bean has been as usual a terrible napper. She’s napped a total of 2.5 hours today. 1 30 minute nap at 9 after crying for half an hour straight in my arms. Nothing would consol her. Then an hour nap at 1 and another hour nap at 3:30.

About 4:30 I started feeling yucky again and I’ll probably throw up again soon.

I really hope I’ve only got a couple more weeks of this, if that.

I guess I should be thankful that it isn’t as bad as it was with Bean. I haven’t had to get an IV yet. I’m not dehydrated. I can usually still manage to eat enough food.

We also started having problems with our dryer again. It was taking on average about 2-3 cycles to dry a¬†single load of laundry. Last night we had¬†a load that took 4. It’s pretty ridiculous. Today the fix-it guy came and¬†said there was a bunch of lint in the wall. They just cleaned that out when they¬†gave us the new dryer. I have noticed that this dryer does not trap as much lint as our old¬†dryer at the house used to.¬†I just hope I’m not going to have to have them come every few months to clean the lint out of the wall. That’s¬†just silly. Anyway we’re not completely sure that this is¬†the reason, but he said 90% of the time it is. We’ll see.


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Week Thirty Seven

These pictures in no way capture her mood today which is quite silly, but they were the only ones that didn’t come out blurred. I hate this camera. Still waiting on the new one.

I am in the midst of an experiment with Bean. I noticed that ever since I decided that I “needed” to get serious about feeding her solid foods and began replacing nursing times with solid meals that I have felt absolutely awful. I went from easy peasy pregnancy to throwing up and dry heaving a few times a day. While it doesn’t compare to last time around, it is still pretty miserable. So yesterday, I only fed her one solid meal and breastfed her the rest of the day. I think it will probably take a few days to see an impact. Yesterday I threw up three times. It was awful. But I think my body was probably still responding to what went on with it the day before. The day before I had only breastfed 3 times the whole day. Today I woke up feeling great. Well not great, but definitely better than I have been feeling.

I was slightly worried at first that this experiment is selfish. I mean I am choosing to breastfeed more for selfish reasons: so I don’t feel pukey. But the more I think about it, I really don’t think it is selfish. When I am not throwing up several times a day I am able to be a better mommy to Bean. I can play with her and sing her songs, I am up to making sure she isn’t getting into things that she shouldn’t be, my temperament is much more calm when dealing with her and whole host of other things that are completely different when I am not feeling like crap. And I know several moms who HAD to exclusively breastfeed their kids for much longer than I have with¬†Bean because their kids simply would not have anything to do with solid food.

So that is my experiement for the next week or so. If I do feel better than I think I am going to wait until I am 14 weeks along in my pregnancy before trying to get “serious” about solid foods with her again. This is because when I was pregnant with Bean I felt much better at around 14 weeks.

And in all honesty¬†Bean doesn’t seem to show any signs of displeasure at this experiment. The kid loves Mama’s milk a whole lot more than pureed fruits, veggies and rice cereal.


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Sunday June 7

Everyone else went back to hang out some more, but I just needed to go home take some Unisom+B6 and hit the hay. Bean also was way cranky and needed to sleep. So we skipped out on the Mario Kart till 2am and did just that.

Next morning we woke up bright and early again. This is what happens when you have a baby, no more sleeping in. Not wanting to spend $20 a meal anymore Stephen decided to head to the grocery store for some breakfast items. The time elapse from when I felt hungry and should have eaten to when I actually ate wound up being far too long and I barfed just before enjoying a bowl of cereal. My stomach felt gross the rest of the day, but I didn’t want to be cooped up in the apartment while everyone I knew was having fun. I trudged on.

We headed back over to my sister-in-law’s house before driving to Somis to pick blueberries. I really enjoyed doing this!

We got so many really good, really big blueberries. I am going to have to figure out some recipes to use them all in. Hopefully I’ll feel up to baking at some point this week. I also have some brown bananas that need to be made into my favorite banana chocolate chip bread.

Then we all had lunch at Natural Cafe. It was my third time there and I have to say I am not a big fan. I should have snuck over to Daphne’s with half our crew. Though Daphne’s is also a bit of a disappointment after you’ve had Flame & Skewers. Mmm. Next time I’m in Bakersfield I am so eating there.

I still felt crappy the rest of the day. Wound up taking some Unisom at 4ish and when it finally kicked in two hours later I no longer felt pukey, but could not keep my eyes open. I don’t know why it took so long to work that time.

Stephen woke me up to eat dinner. He grilled some corn on the cob we got at the farm, garlic bread and chicken. It was all pretty good, but I just wasn’t up to eating much. Then¬†Bean and I went to bed at 9pm.

And now we are in recovery mode from the weekend.

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Fast food

This is sick, but this is usually how pregnancy goes for me. I could probably survive the rest of the pregnancy on these things:

1) Baja Fresh Nachos. No meat. Black beans. Easy on the pico.

2) Chipotle Burrito Bol. No meat. Rice. Black Beans. Tiny bit of pico. Sour Cream. Cheese. Lettuce. Guac.

3) McDonalds 6 piece chicken nugget happy meal with sweet and sour sauce, apple dippers and a milk.

4) In N Out Double Double with grilled onions, fries and a root beer.

That pretty much sums up the entirety of what I want to eat these days. I know it isn’t super healthy. I know fast food is expensive. Those are the only things that sound good right now though. Everything else makes me want to gag.


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Somewhat disturbing

This is what happens when you get morning sickness and neglect your garden and then go on a trip for four days and leave your garden to its own devices.

Hello three foot lettuce.

I do have lots and lots of little green tomatoes though so hopefully they won’t take much work and I can enjoy them in a few weeks.

Also what happens when you have morning sickness?

Not working out, that’s what. I think I worked out a whole 4 days of Steph’s challenge.

Even more disturbing…

No, I’m not talking about the unkempt eyebrows, though that is a horrid side effect of the morning sickness. See all that red blotchiness? That would be broken blood vessels. They are all over my face. That should give you some idea of the sheer force that went into vomiting my dinner Saturday night on the side of NV-28 in Lake Tahoe.

At least Stephen has learned his lesson about pulling over when I tell him that I’m going to puke.

My sister’s wedding was lovely, but I let the professionals do their thing and didn’t get in the way. So you’ll have to wait until I can snatch some pictures up from other people to see how beautiful everything was.


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The latest, afternoon of May 24

Last night for a couple hours all of my pregnancy symptoms completely disappeared. It was like someone shut off a switch and I was feeling completely normal.

This freaked me out.

As well as the much more intense cramping I experienced. And the spotting which had turned pink (new blood).

Basically my options were to go to the ER/Urgent Care and get blood work and an ultrasound done or wait it out. I chose wait it out.

This morning things were the same until about 9am.

Then I started feeling nauseous again. Stephen has never been so excited about me feeling that way. He went to Jamba and got me a protein infused smoothie while I put Bean down for a nap.

After I had my smoothie I realized that my cramping had disappeared too. A check in the bathroom revealed that the spotting had stopped!

However, my tummy ache was only getting worse despite downing the smoothie that had a double protein boost in it.

My stomach continued to churn and churn.

And well I’m sure you can guess what happened next. First time in the whole pregnancy though so not that bad I guess considering I think I’ll be 9 weeks along tomorrow.

Oh and meat is completely disgusting and I won’t be eating it for quite some time. I had a bean and cheese burrito for lunch.

This started a few nights ago when we had spaghetti with sausage and the sausage tasted like dill pickle to me. Sick. Not what sausage is supposed to taste like. It wasn’t bad, just me.

Then we had tacos another night and that meat was so greasey and bleh.

Then yesterday we ate at IHOP for breakfast because our kitchen was (is) a complete disaster. I knew I needed some protein to go with my big stack of blueberry pancakes so I order a side of ham. The most greasey looking stuff came out on a plate all its own. Seriously did not know ham could even be that greasey. I choked it down. I still don’t know why.

Last night we had really yummy pasta with sausage at my sister in law’s house. And it didn’t taste like dill pickle. But still. I think all my recent bad meat experiences have totally ruined it for me.

Just the thought of meat makes me want to gag right now. Hence the smoothie for breakfast and the bean burrito for lunch (please stay down!).

We skipped out on church today so I could rest and take it easy still. And that’s still the plan at this point even though the bleeding has stopped.


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Slight update.

Well the morning after I wrote my last post there was a lot more blood and I was cramping a lot. So I freaked out.

I cried like a baby curled up on the couch.

Anyway, the spotting is still brownish which means it’s old blood.

It’s still going on as I write this.

We don’t know what that means. This might just be how my body does things in the first trimester. I¬†may not be as far along as¬†I thought and I am experiencing implantation spotting. My cervix could be slightly irritated.¬†I could be experiencing what Barbie wrote about on her blog. We just don’t know.¬†

Even though I kept a blog last time I didn’t detail my spotting in it so I don’t really completely remember how it was. I don’t remember if I cramped. I do remember that it was also brownish pinkish. I don’t remember the quantities. I do remember talking about it with my OB last time and even he didn’t know why I was bleeding despite early ultrasounds and lots of blood work.

I’m still trying to take it easy, rest as much as possible and drink plenty of fluids.

Also, I’m still experiencing plenty of pregnancy symptoms. I’m absolutely starving all the time. I am also pukey feeling which never makes sense to me when I am starving at the same time, but that’s pregnancy for you. I am dead tired so the “resting” part of my prescription has come rather easily. And I am still facing some major tenderness when I nurse Bean. All of which suggests that I am still pregnant.

I am seeing my midwife next week, but I’ll still be on the borderline of whether she’ll be able to hear the heartbeat with the doppler. So I don’t want to get my hopes up for that and then have them dashed or start to worry even more.

And I also made an appointment with a family practice physician down here for June 2 and maybe that doctor will order an ultrasound or something.

I don’t know. And as far as all my tough talk about not worrying about it. Well, I’m worried. There’s just no way around it. I don’t think I am capable of not worrying.

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Week Thirty Four

Yesterday I started feeling sick. Still haven’t thrown up yet.

Anyway, I’m curled up on the couch today.

Bean is happily getting into everything.

(Yes, it is a crappy cell phone picture because I can’t muster the gumption to go out to my car and get the better camera out of the trunk where it has been since our trip to San Diego last weekend.)

Yesterday while I was being direlect in my duties as parent, Bean managed to climb the stairs by herself.

She’s climbing on everything lately and has plenty of bruises to go with it, including one on her left cheek. People are probably going to start thinking that I abuse her or something.

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