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The latest, afternoon of May 24

Last night for a couple hours all of my pregnancy symptoms completely disappeared. It was like someone shut off a switch and I was feeling completely normal.

This freaked me out.

As well as the much more intense cramping I experienced. And the spotting which had turned pink (new blood).

Basically my options were to go to the ER/Urgent Care and get blood work and an ultrasound done or wait it out. I chose wait it out.

This morning things were the same until about 9am.

Then I started feeling nauseous again. Stephen has never been so excited about me feeling that way. He went to Jamba and got me a protein infused smoothie while I put Bean down for a nap.

After I had my smoothie I realized that my cramping had disappeared too. A check in the bathroom revealed that the spotting had stopped!

However, my tummy ache was only getting worse despite downing the smoothie that had a double protein boost in it.

My stomach continued to churn and churn.

And well I’m sure you can guess what happened next. First time in the whole pregnancy though so not that bad I guess considering I think I’ll be 9 weeks along tomorrow.

Oh and meat is completely disgusting and I won’t be eating it for quite some time. I had a bean and cheese burrito for lunch.

This started a few nights ago when we had spaghetti with sausage and the sausage tasted like dill pickle to me. Sick. Not what sausage is supposed to taste like. It wasn’t bad, just me.

Then we had tacos another night and that meat was so greasey and bleh.

Then yesterday we ate at IHOP for breakfast because our kitchen was (is) a complete disaster. I knew I needed some protein to go with my big stack of blueberry pancakes so I order a side of ham. The most greasey looking stuff came out on a plate all its own. Seriously did not know ham could even be that greasey. I choked it down. I still don’t know why.

Last night we had really yummy pasta with sausage at my sister in law’s house. And it didn’t taste like dill pickle. But still. I think all my recent bad meat experiences have totally ruined it for me.

Just the thought of meat makes me want to gag right now. Hence the smoothie for breakfast and the bean burrito for lunch (please stay down!).

We skipped out on church today so I could rest and take it easy still. And that’s still the plan at this point even though the bleeding has stopped.


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Slight update.

Well the morning after I wrote my last post there was a lot more blood and I was cramping a lot. So I freaked out.

I cried like a baby curled up on the couch.

Anyway, the spotting is still brownish which means it’s old blood.

It’s still going on as I write this.

We don’t know what that means. This might just be how my body does things in the first trimester. I may not be as far along as I thought and I am experiencing implantation spotting. My cervix could be slightly irritated. I could be experiencing what Barbie wrote about on her blog. We just don’t know. 

Even though I kept a blog last time I didn’t detail my spotting in it so I don’t really completely remember how it was. I don’t remember if I cramped. I do remember that it was also brownish pinkish. I don’t remember the quantities. I do remember talking about it with my OB last time and even he didn’t know why I was bleeding despite early ultrasounds and lots of blood work.

I’m still trying to take it easy, rest as much as possible and drink plenty of fluids.

Also, I’m still experiencing plenty of pregnancy symptoms. I’m absolutely starving all the time. I am also pukey feeling which never makes sense to me when I am starving at the same time, but that’s pregnancy for you. I am dead tired so the “resting” part of my prescription has come rather easily. And I am still facing some major tenderness when I nurse Bean. All of which suggests that I am still pregnant.

I am seeing my midwife next week, but I’ll still be on the borderline of whether she’ll be able to hear the heartbeat with the doppler. So I don’t want to get my hopes up for that and then have them dashed or start to worry even more.

And I also made an appointment with a family practice physician down here for June 2 and maybe that doctor will order an ultrasound or something.

I don’t know. And as far as all my tough talk about not worrying about it. Well, I’m worried. There’s just no way around it. I don’t think I am capable of not worrying.

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Week Thirty Four

Yesterday I started feeling sick. Still haven’t thrown up yet.

Anyway, I’m curled up on the couch today.

Bean is happily getting into everything.

(Yes, it is a crappy cell phone picture because I can’t muster the gumption to go out to my car and get the better camera out of the trunk where it has been since our trip to San Diego last weekend.)

Yesterday while I was being direlect in my duties as parent, Bean managed to climb the stairs by herself.

She’s climbing on everything lately and has plenty of bruises to go with it, including one on her left cheek. People are probably going to start thinking that I abuse her or something.

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My fears and worries

Yes, as you have all pointed out, “Children are a blessing from the Lord.” I know this. And in many, many ways I am very excited about this whole thing. I would say that overall that is my general feeling.

However, I do have many fears and worries as well. I think anyone in my situation would.

Among them…

-I’m only 6 weeks along. I could still get sick. I am worried about what might happen if I get really sick like I did last time and I am unable to breastfeed Bean anymore. I know formula isn’t a big deal for most people, but it is for me. I do not want to wean Bean early. I’m also worried about getting that sick and just being able to care for her in general.
-If I get so sick I have to miss a couple big family vacations and my sister’s wedding, I am going to be pretty depressed.
-The fact that my symptoms are very minimal so far also worries me. Everyone I’ve ever talked to about miscarriage has said that the pregnancies where they miscarried they didn’t have hardly any symptoms. However, it isn’t like I have no symptoms, they are just a lot easier to deal with. I still have been having a sour stomach, mostly at night. I have not thrown up yet though. So while I’m happy to not be throwing up several times a day every single day, I’m also worried about what this might mean.
-January 2010 I will have TWO babies requiring all my attention. That just seems insane to me, especially as I feel overwhelmed by one baby a lot of days.
-We need a new car. Right now Bean’s seat is in the middle of our backseat because that’s really the only way it fits. It doesn’t fit behind either of the passenger seats. I’m pretty sure two seats will not work back there because of this. Furthermore, I’m going to have to start toting a double stroller around now and well that would take up my whole entire trunk I’m sure. How am I going to get groceries?
-Which brings me to another quandry. How am I going to do simple errands like groceries with TWO babies? How am I going to do anything? Our house is going to be a wreck at least for the next two years. I’m sure of it.
-It makes me sad to think I won’t be able to pick up and hold Bean towards the end of my pregnancy.
-How am I going to cloth diaper two babies? I know most of you are probably thinking, “Oh, it isn’t a big deal, just use disposables.” But it is a big deal to me. For one thing Bean gets terrible, terrible diaper rash with disposables. This week our dryer was out of commission for a few days and I had to use them. After the first disposable her bottom was bright red and all broken out. I felt so, so bad for her. She kept scratching at her diaper and anytime she went she got super fussy I think because it probably burned. Plus I really take seriously God’s charge to us to be good stewards of the earth. It really bothers me to do things that I know I can do in a better way that is not bad for the planet. But I am going to have to fit in crazy amounts of laundry for this to work. The thought of that overwhelms me.
-I really need a rocking chair. Badly. Stephen doesn’t believe me. He thinks this isn’t a big deal. I have no idea how to convince him otherwise.

So anyway those are some of the things that caused all the crying on Friday.


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15 weeks 2 days

On and off through all four years of high school I was a vegetarian. I took a brief break for couple years and then I read Fast Food Nation and once again found myself meat free for about 2 years.

In all the years of being a vegetarian it was never because I abhored the taste of meat. Well I take that back… initially it was because I got tired of eating beef or pork every night whenever we slaughtered one of our ranch animals. But there was also the part of actually seeing those animals killed that really bothered me. There’s nothing like seeing blood pour from the slit neck of a defenseless being to turn you off to the practice of meat eating.

I eventually got over that, especially once I learned to cook my own meals and experiment with recipes. Then, after reading Fast Food Nation I once again could not bring myself to eat meat because I was afraid of what might be in it based on the accounts of our nation’s slaughterhouses that are found in the book.

After a couple weeks of being vegetarian though I’d always go back to craving meat. It was when these cravings became unbearable that I usually gave in and either cheated a little or gave up the practice altogether.

To completely detest the idea of meat, the taste of it, etc. was really weird these last couple months. I mean, I’ve always liked rice and beans, but not that much.

So today when I had a craving for one of these:

I knew that everything was definitely going back to normal. I even drove halfway across town just to sink my teeth into one today.

Craving In-N-Out cheeseburgers was something I expected from my pregnancy, losing 14lbs and the rest of it was not.

It’s good to be normal again.

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13 weeks 5 days

So I had a doctor’s appointment this morning. My thyroid levels this time around definitively showed that have hyperthyroidism. So my doctor is going to put me on a drug called PTU to start treating it. He thinks that the hyperthyroidism is what is causing my nausea and vomiting. He says the PTU should help me to start feeling better.

The drug can sometimes cause hypothyroidism in the baby at birth, but he says it typically is only a temporary occurance as a result of the hyperthyroid drug that I will be taking. The baby will have the thyroid levels tested at birth.

So I’m going to be on the lowest possible dose for PTU and I’ll have my labs done again in 7 days to check and see where my levels are.

I really hope that this is finally the answer and I’m finally going to start feeling better.

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10 weeks 2 days

Well this past weekend really just proved all theories about hyperemesis that I’ve been given are wrong.

#1. If you get enough protein you will feel better.
#2. If you get enough carbs and increase your blood sugar you will feel better.
#3. If you stay hydrated you will feel better.
#4. If you get enough rest you will feel better.
#5. If you stay on schedule with your medicines you will feel better.

Thursday, the day after I went off home IV care, I woke up feeling terrible. I managed to get through it that morning though and ate a bunch of food throughout the day. I got plenty of hydration, protein and carbs. I didn’t actually throw up once.

Friday, however, I woke up vomitting and I couldn’t stop. No matter what I put in it all came out. So I went back on the home IV care. We almost stayed home the whole weekend because I felt so terrible. Even once I was back on the drugs and the hydration I felt terrible.

Once back on the IVs I didn’t miss a dose of my medicines. I stuck to the schedule perfectly. So the theory that missing your dose times was quickly ruled out.

Saturday I had a great day. I woke up a little woozy feeling, but I quickly quieted my stomach with some ginger snaps. The rest of the day I managed to get plenty of food and protein in. I had several small meals throughout the day. I even did OK during the cooking of our Chinese dinner. Something I had been worried about because of my recent aversion to sesame oil. The only thing that bothered me briefly was the smell of onions which I quickly tempered by peeling a tangerine and practically sticking it in my nose. I even took a nap that day.

Sunday I woke up and felt awful. I had gotten plenty of food and rest the previous day. There was no reason for me to feel like crap. I ate a few ginger snaps which didn’t help. Stephen gave me a dose of my medicine. I smelled and ate half a tangerine. Nothing seemed to really help. I got up. I ate some oatmeal. Still didn’t feel great. I obeyed my cravings on the way home and had a burrito from Taco Bell on the way home. Still didn’t feel great. I tried to sleep in the car. Nothing was helping. We got home. I tried a few snacks. Nothing helped. There was no reason for me to feel this way. I was eating plenty and getting plenty of hydration. I wasn’t missing my medicines. I took a nap when we got home. I just kept feeling like crap.

This continued this morning. I had a bowl of cereal. I continued to feel like crap. I took my medicine. I continued to feel like crap. Stephen brought home another burrito for me. I still feel like crap. I took a bath. Nothing has helped.

This is just ridiculous. There’s no pattern to it. No theory that explains it. Bland foods or no, protein or no, carbs or no, medicine or no, I still feel like crap.

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