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Bean – month seventeen

Bean is seventeen months old today.

New words (mostly for my own documentation): I know, doll, hot, night night, Ee nn (Ethan), beans, TV, fish, all done, Mommy (Yeah, I’m not sure when she started calling me Mommy versus Mama or where she learned it, but she does it sometimes), mine, nose, eat, socks, belly, ball, bottle, juice, she recognizes and can say the letter b, she also recognizes the insect bee (which obviously sounds the same).

 And then some pictures from this past month:


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Bean at sixteen months

Yesterday Bean turned sixteen months old.

• New words
-yummy/nummy nummy: all food is now referred to this way, when she wants something to eat she says, “nummy nummy?”
-hat: she likes putting various objects on her head and calling them a hat.
-Bubba: what she calls Sprout

• We’re still working on the hitting and aggression issues that I talked about last month, mostly with time outs.

• She got the book version of Raffi’s “Down By the Bay” for Christmas from Stephen’s Aunt Nancy and she loves it and the song. I’d had the song in my iTunes for awhile, but the book really turned her on to it. I think it has replaced “Itsy Bitsy Spider.” When she wants us to read the book or sing the song she’ll sing “I do bye, I do bye” to the tune of the song. She gets really excited when Stephen plays it on guitar, too.

• Lately she’s been obsessed with our shoes and trying to walk in them

• Her LittlePeople farm, tractor and animals are one of her favorite toys right now.

• She’s just started a tiny bit of imaginary play, mostly involving food. The first time I noticed it she was carrying around one of our canvas shopping bags and pretending to pull food out of it and snack on it. She also likes to stack three or four of the cylindrical giant-Leggo-type blocks that came with her LittlePeople bus and pretend to drink out of it like a cup. Maybe it’s time to get this girl a kitchen and some play food?

• She’s been teething since Christmas (actually, I’m starting to wonder if we’ll ever have a teething-free Christmas). She’s got FIVE teeth that have broken through the surface, but are not all the way in yet. So, the teeth she already has are the central incisors (upper and lower) and lateral incisors (both upper, left lower). The teeth that are coming in right now are the right lower lateral incisor, and all four of the first premolars. I used this diagram to help me through that.

• The other day I bought her a cheap baby doll to help her deal with me giving Sprout so much attention. She doesn’t really try to mimick me much yet, but she likes carrying the thing around saying, “bebe, bebe” over and over. It is somewhat helpful to be able to tell her to go find and take care of her baby when I have a fussy Sprout occupying my attention.

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