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Bean gets a room all her own

Well with a third on the way we were not going to be cramming all three kids into one room just so we could maintain a craft and guest room. Especially since we use the guest room for guests about five times a year at the max.

So we got rid of the queen bed in there (given to some friends about to become newly weds) moved in a full size futon we got from Stephen’s sister to become Bean’s new bed and room.

My friends came Thursday to pick up the bed and they moved the futon up there too. Bean had to take a nap in there that afternoon as soon as it was in place. She was so excited about her new big bed!

We did some rearranging that night when Stephen got home, he was pretty inspired and ready to get going at this point. The bulk of the purging, reorganizing and rearranging was done yesterday.

I also made up some art for Bean’s room based on some that I saw at Target. Only this uses scrap fabric from her quilt and so coordinates perfectly with her bedding. The sheets we got also came in a little matching fabric bag so I was able to cut that up and incorporate it into the art too.

I cut fabric into shapes to make up larger objects like the owls and trees and I also cut out flowers and birds from the quilt fabrics to use in the art.

I covered some canvasses I already was using as decor in that room with quilt batting (so the old design wouldn’t show thru) and then the fabric. I’ve always thought of hot gluing things as kind of half assed (sorry for the language, but that really is the best way to put it), but I think in the case of something like this where in a few years she will out grow it and something that isn’t going to get a lot of wear and tear being up out of reach on the wall, it is fine for. Plus I just wanted to get it done and really couldn’t think of a better way.

I printed up a page of inspiration images including old blog logos and screen captures of the art that Target had.

This is about midway thru the project. Bean and I worked on this one together after her nap one day. In the upper left corner you can see what the old canvasses looked like.

So excited about her new room.

The owls which are pretty much a rip off of the Target piece. I even traced the owls from her Target Pillow to do them.

I made this one last night while Bean was asleep. This morning she came out of her room and said, “There’s a tree with apples in my new room!” The apples are from apple fabric I used in her quilt, the birds are also from her quilt fabric, and the flowers too.

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Hoo Hoo, or why I haven’t been able to get back to sleep the last hour

Actual conversation that took place at 3am

Owl: Hoo Hoo
Stephen: (sits up in bed) Is that an owl?!? (gets up, goes to window to listen)
Owl: Hoo Hoo
Stephen: (walks into nursery and turns down the sound machine, opens baby gate and walks halfway down the stairs to listen more)
Owl: Hoo Hoo … Hoo Hoo … Hoo Hoo
Me: (meanwhile I am still half asleep and likely to fall back asleep despite the commotion, just starting to drift back off though the owl is kind of annoying especially without the white noise machine drowning it out)
Stephen: (comes back upstairs and starts shaking me awake)
Me: uuuhhhhmmmmmuhhhhhhh
Stephen: Hey, I need you to listen and tell me if you think you hear an owl.
Me: uuuuhhhmmmmmuuuhhhhh… Why does if matter?
Stephen: Because it sounds like a person to me.
Owl: Hoo Hoo
Me: It sounds like an owl.
Stephen: So they really sound like someone saying, “Hoo Hoo?”
Me: It’s totally an owl.
Owl: Hoo Hoo … Hoo Hoo … Hoo Hoo
Stephen: You’re sure?
Me: I don’t know Stephen! It sounds like an owl to me. I can’t see the owl. Why would someone be out there saying that anyway?
Stephen: Up to funny business.
Owl: Hoo Hoo … Hoo Hoo … Hoo Hoo .. Hoo Hoo
Stephen: It’s just so loud. I thought it would be more like a pigeon.

So thank you, Mr. Owl, for cutting off my night of sleep much earlier than I was ready for it to end.


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