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The boy that potty trained himself (or not)

So we might be crazy.


That would be Sprout wearing a pair of big boy undies. He isn’t even two. This is kind of ridiculous. Maybe I am crazy.

But hear me out (Also, I am apparently in good company with Lorie and my sister).

For the past month or so, Sprout tells me, in a very whiny voice I might add, “Nee go paaawwdee!” and then proceeds to the bathroom and nearly dives in head first. Then, after I get his diaper off and place him up there, he begins demanding “fush, fush!” (flush) and “je-bee,” (jellybean).

At some point he started actually going instead of just sitting there. About a week ago he started going almost exclusively in there and rarely in his diaper.

His main motivation is getting to flush the potty and jellybeans. This actually started awhile ago, pre-potty interest, when he would demand a jellybean upon seeing his sister get one.


I don’t know. Bean went through kind of the same thing and potty training wound up being months and months of successes and then total regressions. She still just has random days that are full of accidents. It was/is really frustrating.

I thought I would “learn my lesson” and wait until what seems to be the magic age of three when potty training is supposedly a breeze or so I am told. But he is really motivated.


This morning he pulled out the big boy undies all on his own and really wanted to wear them. I gave in. He had one accident, one milk spill at breakfast that required a change and more successes than I can keep track of. When I put him in a diaper for nap time he just kept crying, “Undies! Undies! Undies!” from his crib and pointing at the pair that was laying on the changing table.

Then there is the whole issue of there being so much that I have to help him with still. And hello, nursing a newborn doesn’t make it exactly convenient to drop everything and go tend to the child in the bathroom.

In conclusion, potty training is the worst, even when it’s this easy.


***Evening update: things were going great. He went twice in the Target bathrooms. Then at the farmer’s market he told me he had to go (no bathrooms) and held it all the way until we got home. Then the kids started going crazy and Papa still wasn’t home. Gave him a call and from the time I called just as he was leaving the office to when he walked in the door (about 20 min max), Sprout had four pee accidents. So I gave up and put a diaper on him. I stepped in a hidden pee puddle tonight during the great toy cleanup. Also, why do little boys continue walking around as they are peeing? Pee trails all over. I hate potty training. The end.


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Hilarity ensues at every turn

I earned this chocolate bar today.


Sit back and get ready to laugh at or with me as I give you the details as to why the above statement is true.

For once there were no plans on the agenda, no errands to run, and most of the cleaning was caught up. I knew I’d have two very squirrely kids though if I stuck around the house all day. The weather started off mild and overcast so I decided a couple hours at the park this morning would do us some good.


Both kids had a blast running around, getting pushed on the swings, teeter-totter and merry-go-round. They climbed the jungle-gym and slid down slides. Sprout chased birds and ran away from every squirrel he saw (he’s a bit traumatized after a couple incidents with some aggressive, human-food crazed ones).

Bean scavenged sticks and leaves. This one she called her “Halloween stick” and waved it around like a magic wand. Very appropriate for the July 15 morning, right Harry Potter fans?


My plan seemed to be working: get the crazies out at the park and make the afternoon at home a breeze (in other words, lunch and then nap until Papa got home).

Once it was clear that we were all pretty much done, I packed everyone up into the van and doled out the snack traps and sippy cups for refreshment on the way home.

When we got home I took a bit of a rest on the couch (I was tired from chasing them and having dumb Braxton Hicks) while the kids played.

Next thing I know Bean is announcing while giggling, “Mama, I’m changing me.” Huh? “Bean, did you have an accident?” No answer. “Bean, did you go pee-pee in your undies?” No answer. “Bean, come here!”

Naked buns come into view as Bean skips over giggling and waving a pair of purple elephant-print undies.

“Did you go pee-pee in your undies?”

More giggling. “Yeah! I went pee-pee in the train and I dumped it out all over the floor!” More giggling.


More giggles as I am now quickly moving towards the kitchen where both kids had been playing. “I went pee-pee in my undies in the train and dumped it out all over the floor!” Giggles have turned into high-pitched squeals of delight and mischief.

Upon entering the kitchen, I discover things pretty much as she said: a giant puddle of pee that looked like it had been either played in or walked through numerous times. A wet ride-on train with some pee still in the cargo section.

This is actually the second time we’ve had this incident. And it is definitely an on-purpose thing, not an accident thing. Peeing in the train’s cargo section has become a novelty for some reason. Gross. I tell her to put on her undies and go sit in time-out while I clean up.

“This is yucky Bean! Pee-pee belongs in the potty, not the train or your undies. This was very naughty!”

Luckily, I can block off the kitchen with our gate so no further mess making can occur while I ready the mop and towels and spray. Or so I thought.

As I am soaking up a majority of the puddle with a towel, there is another round of maniacal laughter coming from the bathroom along with the metal clanging sound that accompanies our stainless steel toilet scrubber.

I round the corner of the kitchen to see said scrubber in the hands of Sprout, several chunks of wet toilet paper, more splotches and puddles, the plunger soaking wet and laying in the hallway and Bean caught with that “Oh crap, I know I am in big trouble!” look on her face as the giggles come to a sudden halt.

All I can say is thank goodness for laminate floors throughout the house. I parked each kid in their booster seat, buckled in, so no more shenanigans could occur while I now cleaned up both messes.

Then I called Stephen and he laughed the entire time I told the story. It was hard to be angry after that. And like he said, “Every parent I’ve ever talked to has stories just like this.”

Lunch was made. Naps were instituted. A chocolate bar was procured from the pantry.


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Tutorial: Turning BumGenius 3.0 diaper cover to training pant (PullUp)

I feel like we have been potty training with Bean for forever. I know it hasn’t been that long though. It started with what was essentially a little EC (elimination communication) where she would make a certain face or tell us when she was going and we would take her to the potty to do her business.

At some point she started really wanting to use the potty rather than go in her diaper. Then at another point she hated using the potty. At another point she was too distracted to use the potty regularly. Then she was mostly accident free so long as I prompted her to go. Lately she has been telling me she has to go while running to the bathroom and she is mostly accident free.

However, that is only with me. Lately she only wants me to help her with potty stuff and throws a huge fit if I am busy and Stephen has to take her instead. She wants nothing to do with help from her preschool or Sunday school teachers. So I usually just have her try before and after and she wears a PullUp to class. We also use PullUps for trips, days where we are out of the house all day doing errands or activities and for naps and at night.

My original plan was to use a cloth version of PullUps. I searched out a few different options and eventually settled on the Happy Heiny trainers. The reviews said these were trim and I liked that you could order them with snaps on each side so that if there was a poop accident it would be much easier to clean up and deal with. Besides, the actual PullUps brand training pants also open at the sides, so that is what I expected and was used to. No one wants to drag a training pant full of poop down their toddler’s leg and then try to have them navigate their feet out of that training pant without making a mess.

When my order got here though I was so disappointed. They are so bulky. When we stuff them with even just one insert, it is like she has a balloon between her legs. People always made fun of me because of our kids’ giant cloth diaper bums, but believe me there is worse out there than the BumGenius. BumGenius and now our Flip diapers are actually really trim comparatively.

So anyway we’ve been going through a lot of PullUps lately, especially since Bean started preschool. And I hate buying them. I hate worrying about if we have enough to get us through this or that. I hate throwing them away and creating so much trash. I hate that Bean gets rashes from them all the time. I hate that they are plastered with Disney Princess crap (I know, slightly silly of me). I just hate them. Period.

I have asked around though and there really doesn’t seem to be a much better alternative in the cloth diapering world that matches up to an actual PullUp.

So, I have been getting crafty the last couple days. I have all the BumGenius covers that we are no longer using. I also have something like 300 snaps that I ordered for when my plan was to replace the velcro on them. I figured the worst that could happen is that I could wind up permanently ruining something that we are probably going to wind up throwing away anyway, right?

I did a search to see if there were any tutorials on how to go about converting a BumGenius cover to a PullUp or training pant. One blog had a picture, but her training pant did not open at the sides. She basically just removed the tabs and sewed them shut.

So I had to come up with my own plan.

The first thing I did was take an actual PullUp and lay it down open and flat against one of my diaper covers to figure out where I needed to make alterations.

Pretty much other than the fact that the BumGenius is more bikini cut than the PullUp (which actually we usually wind up folding the PullUps down a bit because Bean is her mother’s very sensitive daughter and if it touches her wrong she is uncomfortable and whines), the only difference is that the elastic and Velcro tabs extend beyond the PullUp.

So yesterday I made my first one. I used a seam ripper to remove the Velcro from the front, the elastic tabs and the laundry tabs.

Then I flipped the back part where the elastic tabs used to be inside out and made a seam there.

The result pretty much lines up with the PullUp.

Then I used my snap pliers to attach some snaps on the sides and I had a cloth PullUp. So I had Bean try it on and model it for me. She wasn’t super cooperative. First she didn’t want to put it on at all because, “No, I’m a big girl now! I don’t wear diapers anymore!” And then she didn’t want to hold still for the picture.

We used the prototype last night with a pre-fold and had no leaks or issues. However, though it fits, it is a little snug. There is no way she’d be able to get it on and off by herself.

So I made another today and instead of completely removing the elastic tab, I cut just before the velcro tabs and then repeated the process.

Bean is napping right now so I haven’t actually tried this one on her, but I think it should be a slightly better fit and easier to get on and off. Also, success at nap today, when presented with a disposable PullUp, “I don’t want to wear a sposable, Mama, I want to wear a cloth PullUp.” She was very disappointed I didn’t have more. I told her I had to make more.

Edited to add: The second attempt seems just a tad too big. It stays on, but starts to sag. I will have to adjust again. Overall I have it mostly figured out though.


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Enjoying the fruits of our labor

Trader Joe’s, park, veggie pickup, two successful public potty trips and no accidents before lunch today. After a major regression in which she refused to even use the potty for quite some time, I think she finally gets it!


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Just some randomness…

Kids are napping in the back of the van and I’m sitting here in the parking lot of Whole Foods enjoying their free wifi so I thought I’d share what’s been on my mind this week besides Spring Fashion.

-Went to Babies & Books this morning at the TO Library. Parents talking on their cell phones during events like this really piss me off. It’s like you are there doing this activity with your kids(s), so be there, be present. Don’t sit in the corner talking and expect everyone else to watch and play with your kids. Ugh! Two parents did this and it happens pretty regularly. I always put my phone on silent during B&B, I think it is only polite.

-We tried potty training yesterday. Basically so I could just get it out of my system and give myself the satisfaction of knowing that we did try and that I didn’t hold her back because I was too lazy/preoccupied to deal with it.

We got the thick training undies, potty seat that fits on our toilet, lots of drinks, gluten-free gummi bears for treats, step stool, the whole nine yards. For the first couple hours I was tricked into thinking this would be so easy that I basically wouldn’t even have to “try”. Just after I put on the undies she said “potty potty” and pulled them down. Put her on and she did a little #1. A little while later the process repeated with a successful #2. Then she peed three times all over the floor right after that without saying anything and I was done. This morning she asked to go again and did a successful #2 on the potty after I took her diaper off. But I’m not doing undies again. If she wants to tell me she has to go and asks to go I’ll let her go, but I’m not going to camp out by the bathroom and try to watch her like a hawk or clean up accidents. It’s just not what I’m up for.

-Just read my pediatrician’s book. I started it Wednesday afternoon and finished it last night right before bed. I just really think it is the best. It basically articulates and explores everything I think about why I am doing what I am doing and then backs it up with scientific, medical, anthropological and psychological research.

-Um hello dream house. It really exists and not too far from where I live.

-Made the best bread ever yesterday.

Bean just woke up though so I’ll have to share the recipe at a later date. So good though.

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Bean at 18 months

I can’t believe I forgot to mention this yesterday (or, actually I can, you saw all that I’ve been up to), but it was Bean’s half birthday yesterday. She’s 18 months old now!

She is picking up on and learning SO MUCH stuff lately.

We’ll start of with her new words for the month: apple, cold, car, hello, kite, cupcake, bite, nana (banana), elbow, Elmo, naks (snacks), *Lizzie (*cousin’s name, but this is her mom’s alias for the Internet), tractor, taco, happy, pig, towel, backpack, ee i ee i oh, puppy, highchair, Bible, stuck, tights, knee, pants, plate, and (finally!) please.

It is so crazy how quickly she is getting words now and which ones she just picks up on.

She even puts concepts together sometimes, for example she’ll say key, car, go buh-bye, shoes or eat eat, apple, beans, nana.

She loves to do starfall.com with me and loves to point out body parts. She also still really loves singing songs, especially movement songs. She loves to be read to and it seems like every night before bed she’s sneaking in more and more books. 😉

Then yesterday she started showing interest in the potty! I don’t know what to really think or do about this. Yesterday we basically did a bit of a form of “elimination communication”. She started to get the “poop face” and then ran to the bathroom door downstairs. I asked her if she was going and if she wanted to go in the potty and she nodded. So I stripped her down and she finished what she had started on the potty. This happened twice and then one time she just asked to sit on the potty, but as soon as I got her up there she did the sign for and said “all done” without actually doing anything. I don’t think she really likes being on our big potty though because she feels like she’s going to fall.

I am so not of the personality to just force potty training on her. Plus, I have SO MANY friends that have had such a hard time with this or have thought signs like this meant their child was totally ready only to wind up frustrated a few months later when their child regresses and is back in diapers. Plus, I don’t really want to make the investment in some wardrobe changes (about 75% of her current wardrobe is onesies, which wouldn’t really work with potty training for obvious reasons), training pants and a potty seat. Then there’s the whole problem of trying to do potty runs while I’m holding/nursing/burping a baby. But then, am I just holding her back? Agh!

She’s become quite the climber. She’s figured out how to climb up on her rocking horse and ride it, climb into brother’s bouncy seat, the swing, and her walker. She also tries to climb up on the steps on the outside of the railing sometimes and any step stools we have around the house (hint, I’m short so there are lots).

Well anyway, that about sums things up for the month.

I’ll leave you with the many faces of Bean. She has the best, most expressive face I think. I just love it.


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