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It’s a princess little crown!

Sprout wakes up. An already awake Bean heads into his room.

Sprout: Hi!
Bean: Good morning Bubba!

(nothing for a few minutes)

Bean: No! No [Sprout], you’re not being nice to me!

Door slams

Sprout: uuuh! Uuuh!

Door opens

Bean: Your not being nice to me this morning [Sprout]. It’s a crown! It’s a princess little crown!

Door slams

(this scenario repeats itself about three times)

Me: [Bean] Stop opening your brother’s door and yelling at him.

Bean comes to our room a few minutes later.

Bean: [Sprout] isn’t being nice to me this morning, Papa.
Stephen: He’s in his crib, how is he not being nice to you?
Bean: He’s saying ‘headband’ to me. It’s not! It’s a princess little crown!


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Daily, 11/22

Bean found the dress up clothes Aunt Ruth included in the latest batch of hand-me-downs so she put them on. All of them. 🙂

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