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Fall Fashion Week -Friday

I have two outfits today. One was for my earlier public appearances at the pediatrician’s office (again!!!), Target for prescription, and the natural food store for immune system boosters.

I am so over my little guy being sick! It is ruining what used to be my favorite season. Last night the poor guy puked for two hours straight and none of us slept well after that.

Wait. What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, fashion. My other outfit is what I will really be wearing for the rest if the day.

So here goes, outfit one:

Nursing tank – Target, $16
V-neck tee -Target, $8
Belt – Target, $14
Wrap – Target, ??
Leggings – Target, ??
Bronze flats – Target, bridesmaid gift from my sister
Skirt – me, it is the basic yoke skirt from Free Style Handmade Bags & Skirts.

Here’s the thing about that skirt. It doesn’t really fit me. I recently read the “how to use this book” and “before you get started” sections of this book (better late than never?) and discovered that all the skirts in the book are “the standard size four” which is about two sizes too small for me. I can wear it high waisted, but after a couple hours I am over it. It is uncomfortable. So the skirt has pretty much been sitting in the back of my closet ever since I made it.

So this is my secondary outfit which is much more comfortable:

Basically I just lost the wrap and skirt. Honestly, I will probably loose the belt too. I refuse to buy into the new trend of tights/leggings outside the house as a replacement for pants. But since the rest of my day consists of catching up on sleep and possibly dealing with more projectile vomit, I think I can get away with it around here.

For more fall fashion fun, check out Emery’s blog.

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Fall Fashion Week – Wednesday

This is me justifying my costume purchases (denoted with a *) as legitimate parts of my wardrobe.

Green tunic, Target clearance $8 *
Bottoms: AE Straight Jeans, $40

Bird necklace, Target clearance, $4 *

Shoes: Nine & Company, purchased at Khols so long ago I can’t remember how much they were.

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The October Daily, 10/13

Twinkle toes

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I’m back… sorta

So we still don’t have Internet access. I’m bumming off the free wi-fi at the Whole Foods across the street. I am currently sitting outside at their tables with a baby on my lap, typing away.

I just had to blog though because my brain is exploding with things to say.

Well, speaking of Whole Foods. Ummm it’s awesome. I may have spent over half the month’s grocery budget on a week’s worth of groceries though so I need to stay away and go to the Trader Joe’s up the street instead.

Remember the sandals from Target that I used in all my nursing fashion outfit things? Well, don’t buy them. Mine are already thrashed and I seriously JUST bought these things. Grrr.

The move went really, really smooth. Some of my furniture may disagree with that statement, but no major damage was done, just a few little bonks and scratches. Now it looks loved.

I had my first ever IKEA experience on Sunday. I bought some lamps. I was going to order some bookcases and a desk from there, but being as how they want to charge me $350 for shipping, I’m exploring some alternatives first.

I am so excited to be cooking again! Last night I made some really yummy Chinese food and tonight we are having these guys over for Italian because my recipe made an insane amount of food.

Have you missed my Gourmet Lisa posts? Well fear not, this is one. I decided to experiment a little with some of my leftover ingredients from dinner in order to make dessert tonight. Here goes…

Berry and Ricotta Filo Tart

-1 cup Ricotta cheese
-4-5 oz blueberries
-8 oz strawberries, topped and diced
-3 tbsp orange juice
-filo dough

Preheat oven to 375.

In a small bowl combine all ingredients except filo dough.

Unroll filo sheets and cut 2-3” squares. Place squares in ramekins or in muffin/cupcake tin. Spoon berry and cheese mixture on top.

Bake for 15-20 minutes or until edges of filo are golden brown and berries are tender.

Enjoy warm or cool.

And this is the result…

Oh and in case that wasn’t enough in the dessert department, Cara came over this afternoon and dropped these little lovelies by…

Ummm… delish.

While we’re at it, let’s add a little more eye candy to this post…

Yep, she’s a cutie. I seriously can’t go anywhere with her without being stopped by at least five people.

Oh and I’m actually loving apartment living. I promise to post pictures of our new diggs as soon as we’re unpacked. But this is why… Saturday when we got here we discovered that our washer was a bit loud. Like a plane taking off upstairs. So I reported it to maintenance yesterday and today they brought me a brand new one (I peeled the protective film off the knobs myself)! No more fixing stuff ourselves. That is the best.

Anyway, Happy St. Patrick’s Day everybody.


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