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Beach Day

Today after church we drove a couple blocks and parked then walked out to Carpinteria State Beach. I had packed lunches and a snack for us in the cooler. We introduced Bean to sand and the water. We actually went to the beach last weekend too but it was too cold and Bean stayed in the front pack on Stephen the whole time. So this was her first real experience. I only had my cell phone with me, but the photos turned out OK they’re just a little washed out.

She didn’t last in the water very long. She cried when the waves came. I was really surprised because she loves bathtime.

She loved hanging out in the sun on the sand though. Definitely ate some.

And of course there was some quality time with Papa before we all head back into the daily work week grind.

Side note: Bean clearly said “Papa” to Stephen this morning in bed. It was so cute.


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Some mobile pictures

Today I got to tour the downtown fire station with one of my mom groups. Then I went to KGET to pick up Megan so we could have lunch. I only had my cell phone camera with me though. I found a couple of other gems on there when I got home to upload them…

The last Daylight Rising concert… there were five people in attendance.

Augustana at a KLLY lounge. One of Stephen’s co-workers won four tickets so we went.

I thought this sign was so hilarious. In case you can’t tell it says “DEATH TO ALL WEEDS” in blood red dripping paint.

My dad with Bean one Sunday when we went over to fix his computer. Gotta love his magenta carpet.

Meg and Bean.

Meg and Bean again.

All three of us.

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