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Tiny dancer

Today Bean started up dance class once a week. She’s enrolled at the same studio that her cousins dance at. In June, we went to see her cousins do their dress rehearsal for the big end-of-the-year show. Ever since, both kids can’t stop talking about ballet, singing about ballet, dancing around our living room while singing about ballet, and playing a game they invented called “fee-a-ter” (theatre) that involves going in the dark closet (the theatre) and putting on a big dance show.

A few weeks ago, I got all the ballet stuff we’ve been handed down from the cousins. I’ve done nap checks since then where I discover Bean passed out on her bed wearing all three of her leotards, tights and tap or ballet shoes.


All the little girls were so cute today for the first class. I can already tell that the teacher is so great with the kids. Totally amazes me how she handles and organizes that many preschoolers.

Bean is second from the left.

Bean was very impressed with herself in the huge mirrors, a little too excited to be part of circle time here.

I didn’t get to watch much of the class, Sprout was running all over the place and trying to dart into the class whenever the door opened. Which prompted the teacher and receptionist to tell me how much boys are always needed for partnering work, etc.

Bean had so much fun. She loves her teacher too.

“We did the hokey pokey song, Mama, that’s what it’s all about!”

“I like to do ballet every day!”



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