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Bean, almost 2 and a half

I haven’t done an update post on Bean in quite some time and I wanted to document a few things that I just want to remember about her right now.

Mostly it has to do with speech mannerisms and how she says things in her little Bean way.
-How she says her name with a ‘W’ sound where there should be an ‘L’
-How when she is doing something that she isn’t supposed to and feeling especially honery she will say her name the exact way I say it when I say her name when she is in trouble with the tone and everything matched perfectly.
-How she says “fink” instead of “think”. How when she wants something she’ll some times make it seem like it is something her brother is wanting. “Fink [Sprout] wants a smoovie (smoothie), Mama.”
-How she says she wants to do something not by saying, “I want to do ____?” or “Can we do ______?” but rather, “Should we listen to music?” or “Should we fold laundry?” (that’s one of my favorites that she says), or “Should we get out the stroller?” or “Guys want to go outside and play in the garden?”
-How she is a bit of a know-it-all right now and how she has picked up on my mannerism of using the word actually a lot. And the attidue. Oh the attitude. “That’s the doctor’s office. No, it’s a tall building, actually. No, actually, it’s a big ship.” (Everything that is really tall is a big ship since we went to my sister’s deployment). “When we get to church we’re going to go straight to the bathroom and try to use the potty.” “No, actually, I can’t go Mama.” “No, actually you can go and try to use the potty when we get there.” “Um, no.”
-How she says stuff like this all the time: “Today, I’m going to go to Target by myself and get some jelly beans and pay for them and then I’m going to go to Whole Foods.” Guess you can tell where we do a lot of shopping…

So I took some pictures this morning trying to capture the attitude that spills out of her when she is talking.

I have more pictures from the last few months, but these pretty much capture so much of who she is right now. It is frustrating and funny and annoying and like a big mirror in my face all day long and so many other things all at once. I love it, when I’m really honest with myself. It’s fun watching her turn into the little person she is becoming.


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