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“Stop the car! I can’t find the baby Jesus!”

At Christmas our kids received the LittlePeople nativity. Bean has been kind of obsessed with babies in general and she took a major liking to “the baby Jesus” from the nativity. She carried it around with her, wanted to sleep with it, wrap it in blankets, have it in her car seat, etc.

Bean usually has some kind of bag or box or purse for carrying a random assortment of currently favorite items.


Her current favorite carrying case is this lunch tin:

Today I found it with baby rings, bubble wrap, the LittlePeople mechanic, and a gold elastic string she had tied in several knots.

Here are a couple of other samples from today:

Her silk and pearls bag with Mater, baby clothes, Little People “veggie box” (that’s what she calls it)


Hello Kitty glitter purse with “Fransico Bernoolia” (that’s how she says it), Plan City wooden fire truck, mini baby doll.

So last night after dinner we all head over to Target for the usual random Target necessities. We’ve just left my in-law’s house and we’re about halfway there when Bean, after frantically searching her lunch tin, shouts, “Hey! Stop the car! I can’t find the baby Jesus!”

We let her know that we can’t really stop the car at that moment, but that we’re really close to Target and we can look for “the baby Jesus” when we get there. “No! Hey! Pull over! I need to find the baby Jesus!”

We do not find “the baby Jesus” when we get to Target. A meltdown ensues. But we push onĀ and we make it through Target.

As soon as we get home Bean walks through the door and announces, “I can’t find the baby Jesus!” My mother-in-law, completely oblivious to the figurine she’s been carrying all week and not knowing what Bean is talking about quips back, “He’s in your heart!” Bean shouts back, nearly in tears, “No he’s NOT! He’s NOT in my heart! And he’s not in my tin! And he’s not in the car! We can’t find him! We have to look for him!”

I explain about the figurine and we all go on a search with no luck. Grandpa even humors her by looking for “the baby Jesus” inside the cuckoo clock.

So this afternoon at my sister’s house Bean explains her woes, “Auntie Andrea, we can’t find the baby Jesus anywhere and he’s not in my heart, he’s not in the car, he’s not at grandma and grandpa’s and he’s not in the cuckoo clock.”

Oh man, trying to explain this just keeps getting more and more complicated as the search continues. Well, would you say a prayer that we find “the baby Jesus” soon? I’m not so sure I want my three-year-old arguing that “the baby Jesus” is NOT in her heart. Haha.


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Thanks grandpa!

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Being the little brother of a big sister

Being the little brother of a big sister means…

…you pack your purse with all the essentials: wooden train cars and engines, frying pan, sparkly bracelet, baby lotion and mini pink bear.

…you play with dolls, carrying them around, patting their backs to burp them, giving them kisses and loves, changing their diapers and pushing them in the doll stroller. These are things you see Papa doing and I hope it will make you a good papa someday too.

…you play dress-up often. You like faux pearl necklaces, purses, sparkly shoes and tutus.

…pink flower rain boots are often your footwear of choice.

…you love necklaces and would play with my “pity boo beads” all day if I let you.

…sharing your “boy” toys with your big sister.

*Edited to add: Documenting these things may seem “wrong” and some of you are probably thinking that Sprout might hate me for having these types of “blackmail” pictures when he’s older. I think this post by my former colleague really sums up how I feel on the subject. Sprout plays with Legos and blocks, he bangs on things and exhibits many other stereotypical “boy” behaviors. This is another side to that typical boy side. It’s an OK side for him to have.

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Of owls and slings

All the post-birth down time drives me a little nutso. I can’t sleep because I am high on adrenaline and baby love. I feel like I need to do a bunch of stuff and I finally don’t feel all pregnant. Which for me is bleh.

So, I’ve been a busy little bee.

Sunday night I whipped out a ring sling in about 20 minutes. I did get an awesome Ergo carrier from my aunt, but it’s for babies 15-40lbs. My little guy isn’t quite ready for it. I made a ring sling when I was pregnant with Bean, but it was slightly pink and girly. I had every intention of making a boyish one to use with Sprout, but he hated the sling and I never got around to it. So I let my sister borrow it. Well with a doctor’s appointment, preschool, veggie pickup, and grocery shopping all needing to be done by myself this week (Stephen is back at work), the only way I could think of it being a possibility is with a sling.


Fabric I’ve had just sitting there. I got it from Miss Talia and if I remember right she got it from a yard sale for like a quarter or something. Ring slings are so easy, it’s basically just fold, pull through, fold, sew, hem, the end.

I also decided to make a mini version of the Otto the Owl toy that I made for Sprout. So I basically just halved everything (row numbers, cast on, increases, etc.) and came up with Otto’s little brother Ollie. So now Sprout’s little brother has one too (yes, still working on the blog nickname… there is one I really like, but someone I know is already using it and none of the others have grown on me).



And then today I saw these forest friends onesies from babyGAP and I just about died from the cuteness. So I picked up a pack of plain Gerber onesies and I will be coming up with my own version that doesn’t cost me $20 per onesie and is summer baby (short sleeves please) friendly.


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The dog ate my daughter’s doll…

So, if you have been following this blog for awhile, there has been quite the saga with a certain knitted friend.

Here she is bright and shiny the first day I made her:

Bean wasn’t always thrilled with her, but she did grow to love her.

Isn’t little Bean so cute at a mere 56 weeks (Weeks? God, I was just a little anal, don’t you think? I would totally convert this into the month approximation, but I am lazy and hate math.):

Or how about this one from 15 weeks, look at those chub cheeks:

And then the knitted friend got lost when my husband and Bean spent the day together in Bakersfield. I was kind of upset. But then I made a new and improved version. Bean loved her just the same:

One day Bean fell down in the garden, scraped her knee and needed a band-aid. She decided that her dolly needed one too:

Other than that little boo-boo, things were going fine and dandy for our knitted friend until Thanksgiving when we were staying at my in-laws. Bean misplaced the doll and left her there. My in-law’s Shetland Sheepdog, Bodie, found her.

At Christmas the doll was returned to us. She wasn’t as pretty. As Bean said, “Bodie got my dolly.”

A torn dress:

Mangled and missing pig tail braids:

We talked about the importance of taking care of our things and not leaving them out when we are done with them. Especially at Grandma and Grandpa’s house where Bodie can get them.

The knitted friend was temporarily relocated to my craft to-do basket. Except I didn’t feel like doing anything. So she sat, and sat, and sat.

Really, I was making a mountain out of a mole hill. I knew I could fix her up during an afternoon nap. I just didn’t feel like doing it.

Well, I was getting all my craft stuff organized for our big trip today and I was almost going to stick the doll in the to-go bag, but then I just decided that instead of doing more graph paper coloring or more crochet medalions or starting any new projects, I should probably use all my crafty inspiration and energy and finally get around to fixing the doll. So I did.

I also decided that I wanted her to have better hair. So I Googled “doll hair tutorial” and found a ton of stuff. The doll got a makeover:

Bean was super excited that I was finished when she woke up from her nap:

And she was so in love with the made-over version that the dolly had to go with us to the Farmer’s Market to enjoy some Oxnard strawberries:

So the adventures of this girl and her doll continue…

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Daily, 12/31

Best sibling toy ever!

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Daily, 11/6

My kids are playing with model NASCAR racers. We must be in Bakersfield.

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Little Mama

Who knew a mini stroller could bring such joy?


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An engineer in the making

Stephen and I often joke that he should have been the comm major and I should have been the engineer. As a kid I was obsessed with K’Nex, Leggos, these castle blocks my mom found somewhere, Lincoln Logs and other similar toys. I remember playing with these well into junior high and even pulling them out a few times in high school. Stephen says he was never really into stuff like that.

I bought Bean this big LittlePeople school bus that came with some giant Leggo-like blocks. Lately it has been her favorite toy. The last couple of days she also has gotten a kick out of climbing in the school bus/wagon too, but we have to make sure she’s not in a crazy, bouncing-off-the-walls mood or she’ll bounce and tip right out of it.

This is the first picture I’ve seen of her where I actually think she looks like Stephen and not me for a change.


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The crafty bug

OK, we still don’t technically have Internet. Well we might have already had it if I had been home yesterday when UPS tried to deliver our goods from Verizon. Oops. But if I hold my computer at just the right angle I can get connected on an unsecured network here in the apartment complex.

The craft bug hit yesterday and since then I have accomplished three, yes three, little projects. So I thought I’d share.

First, here’s my take on the Anthro bird display…

I’m still not sure if I completely like it. The whole thing is pretty easily removed though, so I’m not worried. Right now I’m just trying to let it grow on me. Stephen’s response to the “art” on the walls? “I think we can get away with it because we have kids. I think they’re fun. They’re pretty girly.”

Anyway, the way I did it was I purchased one of those scrapbook stacks (Talia’s idea), made four templates, traced and cut them out then used Scotch brand removable foam mounting squares (Ruth’s idea) to attach them to the wall. I did try the more clustered look that the window display had going on, but I really didn’t like it.

After my art project, I decided to make a couple of jingly blocks for Bean with some of the leftover quilt squares, polyfill and bells I had…

Then this morning I finally finished Olive so she joined her best friend Archie for a picture on the chair in the livingroom…

Of course we all know that Olive and Archie can’t resist a good playground, so they are pretty happy about the fact that there is one just a few feet from our front door…

(I’m sure my neighbors all think I’m crazy now for taking pictures of dolls on playground equipment)

Bean loves all the toys I’ve just made her, but she’s being a bit of a grump today and so I have her down for her second nap right now. I’m hoping she’s a little more cheery the next time she wakes up.

Oh and Bean’s new room is just about finished. I just need to hang up her name shelf. I did find some pretty sweet wall decals at Target though so I applied them yesterday. Here’s a peak at her room…

That lamp and shade were procured in my first IKEA experience.

I can’t wait to unpack Bean’s books and fill that little built-in shelving unit.


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