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Bean at 20 months

Dear Bean,

As I right this, you have been sent to bed early for being generally bratty and refusing to even try anything on your dinner plate besides a small piece of gluten-free bread.

It’s just been one of those days. We have a lot of them lately.

There are also lots of fun days and new discoveries. Today you started naming animals by their actual names instead of the sound they make.

You love being outside and doing the garden with me. Every morning when I open up the blinds you ask to go outside. Most of the time I consent. These are days filled with dirt in your hair and under your finger nails along with a healthy layer of it on your clothes and sometimes on me as well.

I love how affectionate you have been lately and even the bit of clinginess you have exhibited during your current stranger-danger phase that you are in. You give lots of hugs and kisses when we ask for them. You also give them to all your babies and stuffed animals and your “Bubba”. You love to sit on our laps and have even started cuddling in the morning before I’m completely up.

Despite your fears when it comes to most adults, you have lots of little buddies that you talk about all the time. There’s Will, your eldest cousin, cousin Avory, and Emma so far. Will happens to be your current favorite, you guys gave me some pretty sweet Beatles concerts the last couple weeks.

You are and always will be my sweet baby girl, even on days like today where you throw a fit at dinner.



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