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Something happier…

I wish I was getting married again so I could have these:

From Jamball on Etsy.

From Rainsend on Etsy.

Oh and an amazing video like this from our friend John.

I love weddings. Luckily I’m going to one next week.


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Week Thirty

Life just got a whole lot more interesting around here. Bean is crawling!

Luckily she’s still at the point where she has to really be convinced to do it and you have to have something she really wants otherwise she’ll just sit there and stare at you, but basically I need to babyproof the apartment tonight.

In other Bean news I’m trying to find some kind of balance between being the anal-scheduled-mom that sounds like this (overheard at the park prior to Easter weekend):

“What are you doing for Easter? Oh. Well we’re supposed to go to my brothers house, but I’m really annoyed. I mean it used to be that when Max was a baby nothing in our family EVER got scheduled between the hours of 10 and 4. That was like holy, sacred nap time that you couldn’t mess with. But ever since Max isn’t a baby anymore the whole family schedules stuff whenever. It’s so frustrating. So I told my mom that we might show up, but if we do it will probably only be for like 30 minutes because then we need to go back home so Elijah can take his nap. And I don’t really care if it pisses them off. I’m tired of everyone not caring about our nap schedule!”

and being the flakey-anything-goes mom that lets her kids run wild and if they don’t get a nap and are having meltdowns everyday well who cares they are kids and we should just let them be free spirits. But in trying to find that balance I sometimes feel like I am bipolar. One day I’m setting off alarms to try and make sure she only gets to eat every two hours and the next I am letting her sleep for 4-5 hours during the day and then she’s staying up until 11 that night because she got most of her sleep during the day.

Part of me longs for the schedule so I know what to expect and part of me wants to rebel against any form of a schedule and just let things be. Anyway, that probably sounds like a whole lot of jibberish. So I’ll stop.

But wow, she’s crawling!


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Her papa is so proud…

Probably not the most lady like of habits to figure out…

She just started doing that yesterday. Her papa of course is very encouraging of it.

This morning we were all in bed together, Stephen was half asleep. She had finished nursing, turned and looked up at him and then started doing it to get his attention. I have to admit that was pretty cute.


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Ear Candy Friday? Maybe not…


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Big wheel keep on turnin’

I never thought I would be one of those moms that got super excited over every little milestone, but apparently I am.

I was letting Bean play with her toys (aka kind of ignoring her) while I checked out my fellow bloggers and left comments. Just as I was leaving a comment on Kourtni’s page about her little one’s milestone, I looked down and was very surprised to see that Bean was on her tummy! So I did what any obsessive parent would do and got out the camera to document everything.

Pictures from just after the first success:

You did it! Yay!!

Once I was done taking those photos I rolled her back to see if she could do it again. The second time around:


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