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Week Forty Three

At the Minnaret Vista:

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Week Forty Two

We share fruit. Except there isn’t much sharing that goes on.


Pretty much if I get a piece of fruit out to eat she’ll be nearby in no time whinning until I let her practically chomp the whole thing. I usually eat away the skin and the hard-to-get-to bits and she gets the rest.

And if I’m too slow in giving her a portion? This is the face I get:

Complete with loud nose breathing. This is also the same face she gives when she is frustrated about almost anything, the one I talked about last week. I’m dubbing it her stinker face from now on.

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Week Forty One

I have had a trying couple of days around here. Bean has decided to test out this new defiant streak of hers, but sometimes I feel unsure about whether she’s truly being defiant or I don’t know what.

She has recently discovered a gap in the railing at the bottom of the stairs that she can fit through even though we have a gate across the actual opening of the stairs. So once again I am constantly on alert about the stairs and her climbing up them. I’ve received many suggestions that I should just teach her how to go up and down them. She’s pretty good at going up, unless of course she gets distracted midway. She is not good at going down at all. I’ve tried to show her, but she just doesn’t seem to get it. Until I feel comfortable that she can go up and down them without hurting herself though I just can’t let her have free reign of them.

Anyway, back to the defiant streak, or what I think is a defiant streak. So I remove her from the gap in the railing about 50 times a day. She does understand “ah-ah” and “no” and will stop doing something if I use those words with a corresponding vocal tone that says I mean business. I will say “ah-ah” or “no” when she gets close to looking like she is going to go up the stairs. She’ll turn around to look at me and stop in her tracks, but then a couple seconds later she is right back at it. Sometimes when I say “ah-ah” or “no” she turns around and looks at me lips scrunched up into kiss position, nose scrunched, brow furrowed and breathing very heavily in frustration through her nose. And I’m sure in that moment that if she could figure out how to fold her arms and stomp her foot for dramatic effect she totally would. I guess this is what raising little girls is like?

Anyway, we had a morning of this new ‘tude of hers and I was pretty worn down by it. I’m also just worn down in general lately because of the pregnancy and the fact that even though Bean hasn’t been waking up at 2 or 3am, I still do and can’t fall back asleep afterwards. So I’m usually going on about 4 or 5 hours of sleep. I need to figure out how to get my sleep cycle back in order. But I am thankful that she’s usually now only waking up at 4 or 5 and sometimes not even until 6 for her first feeding and she usually goes back to sleep after that for a few more hours. She’s been doing this for about a month now.

At some point in the morning, however, a switch flipped and Bean became all sweetness. I was laying on the floor and she started climbing on me, snuggling here and there and playing with my clothes and being really sweet. Then she started doing her new trick where she lets go and stands without holding on. I always make a big deal about this and she laughs so I think she was hoping for that.

And then even more sweetly she started giving me kisses. She’s been doing this awhile now, though her idea of giving you a kiss is to mash her face into you for a second and then pull away. If you ask for a kiss though this is what she does and she does seem to understand it. She was doing this to my shoulder without even being prompted. She loves it when I tell her “thank you” after a kiss and gets excited and does it some more. Then we did a little tickle fest and she took a nice long nap.

She is increasingly interested in books, which I absolutely love. Her favorites right now are the kind with touch and feel textures in them. She also likes to chew them. But she also likes to look at the pictures and hear us read them to her. She’ll also just pull one out to look at play with on her own.

Her top two teeth broke through this week to join the bottom two and there are a couple more, one on top and one on the bottom, that are getting really close.

Oh and thank you everyone for your suggestions and tips on the sippy cup issue. I mostly was just persistant and patient. The straw cup never did work out, she just didn’t get that one at all. Since she would drink from one of her starter sippy cups with my help, I kept giving her those and encouraging her to hold it up. She could only do it laying back though so I finally figured out that if I pulled out the Boppy and put her in that she would hold the sippy cup and drink from it all by herself. The only thing about her doing it herself though is that she often gets distracted and wants to play and then after a couple seconds of going off to do whatever it is that caught her attention she is frustrated because she’s still thirsty and wanting her drink. Then we have to start over with the laying back down and whatnot. But she is getting it and it is nice to be able to read a chapter from a book or do some knitting while she feeds herself.


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Week Forty

Not the best pictures, but they’ll do…

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Week Thirty Nine

Week 39 happened to fall on the same day that Bean turned nine months old. I was contemplating switching to months at some point, but I figure I’ve made it past the halfway point with weeks so I might as well continue until she hits a year.

It was a big day for Bean and I. We drove to Bakersfield all by ourselves in the new minivan we got this past weekend (Honda Odyssey for those that are wondering). First stop was my lovely midwife’s house for a prenatal appointment. Got to hear baby #2’s heartbeat! Even though he couldn’t be there Stephen also got to hear because I called him.

After that, Bean and I headed over to my friend Tiffany’s to hang out with little Lucy for a playdate. Oh how refreshing it was seeing her. I have to say that one of the things I grieved most about leaving Bakersfield was the new friendship we were forming. Tiffany just gets me! We have very similar philosophies about so many things from parenting to doing research about everything to the fact that we both cloth diaper our kids to our love of crafts. The couple hours together was gone so fast and much too short!

Once both of our kids were tired out I headed over to my old station to say some hellos and then to my sister’s apartment for a few minutes before heading back home.

Driving around town gets more weird the longer I am away. I know where stuff is and I know how to get where I need to go, but I find myself making silly mistakes and getting confused much more easily. Streets that were once so familiar seem strange and distant. Maybe it’s just the realization that Bakersfield isn’t “home” anymore. Even the cute downtown houses that I used to count on as unchanging when I passed them each morning on my way to work are drastically different. So many of them are getting gutted, stucco facades, and completely “made over” from their quaint demeanor of decades past. I guess change is the only constant in so many aspects of life.

Bean is certainly a testament to that. It is amazing how much she has changed in just nine short months of life. Tiffany kept commenting on how big and different Bean was today. Last time we hung out Bean was barely sitting up on her own and certainly not crawling yet.

Her current phases are “everything in the mouth” and “pulling stuff out of containers”. She is also still very much into climbing on things and pulling herself up to stand no matter how stable the items used for support are.

She tends to get very fixated on things that she wants or wants to do. Usually no amount of redirecting, “no” or even getting hurt can dissuade her. For example, yesterday I came home really quick in the middle of running errands to go to the bathroom among other things. I basically walked in the door and put her down and then ran to the bathroom. I forgot to make sure that the gate on the stairs was latched. Bean of course immediately headed for the stairs and climbed up them. I was telling her “no” (which she knows what that means) as best I could while disposed of, but she was not listening. In fact, she was looking back at me and giggling as she went higher and higher. She got about to the third step, looked back at me in her very “haha Mama” way, and lost her balance rolling down the two stairs below her. She sat up, cried for a second, then laughed and set about heading back up the stairs again. At this point I was able to stop her and close the safety gate, but she probably would have continued to climb and then hurt herself as long I let her because she is just that determined about stuff.

I am sure this is going to make my life so much more interesting in the future.

She can also layer the drama on thick if she doesn’t get her way. I probably have to sweep her mouth for various objects (leaves, carpet fibers, hair, etc) about 20 times a day. If I find one and take it out she immediately errupts into a puddle of tears. This also holds true if I try to redirect her from something I don’t want her to do or have to another toy. The other toy is NOT good enough. The tears begin flowing, the face turns bright red and the upper lip juts out. Where do kids learn to do this? Sometimes it just makes me laugh because her pouty face is so funny and cute.

She does have an extremely funny and silly side too. Lately she really thinks that this head bang, hip thrust, bounce type dance move that she does is extremely hilarious, especially if you join in with her. She gets to laughing so hard that she sounds like she is almost gasping for air. I think the gasp noise is probably just another thing that she finds to be really funny. She is extremely ticklish, just like Mama. You don’t even have to actually touch her. You can just wiggle your fingers at her and she’ll start giggling away.

She continues to be more and more vocal, though she isn’t as big on her words as she was at first. Actually, the only time she says “Mama” now is when she is crying. We’ve tried and tried to get her to say “Mama” and “Papa” on command, but she just won’t do it anymore. Sometimes it does sound like she says “yeah,” but we’re not completely sure on that one. Mostly it’s just a lot of “aaaahhhh ba da la der di di di.”

Anyway, here she is at 39 weeks/nine months:


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Week Thirty Seven

These pictures in no way capture her mood today which is quite silly, but they were the only ones that didn’t come out blurred. I hate this camera. Still waiting on the new one.

I am in the midst of an experiment with Bean. I noticed that ever since I decided that I “needed” to get serious about feeding her solid foods and began replacing nursing times with solid meals that I have felt absolutely awful. I went from easy peasy pregnancy to throwing up and dry heaving a few times a day. While it doesn’t compare to last time around, it is still pretty miserable. So yesterday, I only fed her one solid meal and breastfed her the rest of the day. I think it will probably take a few days to see an impact. Yesterday I threw up three times. It was awful. But I think my body was probably still responding to what went on with it the day before. The day before I had only breastfed 3 times the whole day. Today I woke up feeling great. Well not great, but definitely better than I have been feeling.

I was slightly worried at first that this experiment is selfish. I mean I am choosing to breastfeed more for selfish reasons: so I don’t feel pukey. But the more I think about it, I really don’t think it is selfish. When I am not throwing up several times a day I am able to be a better mommy to Bean. I can play with her and sing her songs, I am up to making sure she isn’t getting into things that she shouldn’t be, my temperament is much more calm when dealing with her and whole host of other things that are completely different when I am not feeling like crap. And I know several moms who HAD to exclusively breastfeed their kids for much longer than I have with Bean because their kids simply would not have anything to do with solid food.

So that is my experiement for the next week or so. If I do feel better than I think I am going to wait until I am 14 weeks along in my pregnancy before trying to get “serious” about solid foods with her again. This is because when I was pregnant with Bean I felt much better at around 14 weeks.

And in all honesty Bean doesn’t seem to show any signs of displeasure at this experiment. The kid loves Mama’s milk a whole lot more than pureed fruits, veggies and rice cereal.


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Week Thirty Six

Our daughter is a climbing, standing, and crawling pro. I’m sure she’ll be walking in no time. And when I say climbing pro, I mean it. She has to climb on anything and everything these days: me, the stroller in the livingroom, the stairs, the windows, the furniture, her bed, the rocking horse, papa’s guitar equipment, etc.


-Dixie Chicks (I’m not even kidding. She will actually sort of hum along to the CD and it will calm her down if she’s having a rough time in the car.)
-yogurt (make that love)
-The 10 Color Book
-Papa (This girl is totally in love with him. If he leaves the room she cries. I don’t usually elicit the same response, sad to say.)
-Toys that make music and most music in general
-Shredding things
-Techological items such as cell phones, cameras, lap tops, remote controls.
Lately she’s been giving us pretty constant narration during her waking hours. It goes a little something like this…


-Being cooped up in the car all day long
-The Hot Hot Heat CD we have. Every time it comes on in the car she freaks out.
-Bananas & Avacados (she’s allergic to avacados anyway)
-Being told she can’t chew on my toes, shoes, reciepts and other random objects she is obsessed with lately
-When you take a water bottle or an apple wedge away from her.

She can also melt into a puddle of tears lately like nobody’s business over some of the silliest things. I think she’s just becoming more aware of the world around her and her limitations.

She’s usually pretty happy and silly though which we love.

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Week Thirty Five

I made it out to the car and got my camera this week…

Pictures still aren’t the greatest, but maybe that will be changing soon since I just ordered myself a Canon Rebel XSi. My dad has this points driven commision thing through his work and he can use the points to “buy” different things. Anyway, the camera is supposed to be my birthday present. The site it says it could take 2-3 weeks for the redeeming to clear. Then that baby is mine all mine! Until then this camera will have to do.

Bean, you will notice, is not wearing any clothes. That is because of a massive laundry undertaking going on right now before we leave to go to Tahoe for my sister’s wedding. Unlike our San Diego trip, I refused to come back to piles of dirty laundry and diapers.

I like the no clothes look though, I can see all those sweet chubby rolls better. 🙂


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Week Thirty Four

Yesterday I started feeling sick. Still haven’t thrown up yet.

Anyway, I’m curled up on the couch today.

Bean is happily getting into everything.

(Yes, it is a crappy cell phone picture because I can’t muster the gumption to go out to my car and get the better camera out of the trunk where it has been since our trip to San Diego last weekend.)

Yesterday while I was being direlect in my duties as parent, Bean managed to climb the stairs by herself.

She’s climbing on everything lately and has plenty of bruises to go with it, including one on her left cheek. People are probably going to start thinking that I abuse her or something.

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Week Thirty Three

Don’t let that smile fool you.

This is what kind of day it has really been:

These shots were taken within a span of five minutes. That’s how it’s been all day. She is volatile!

I even had to call in reinforcements in the form of Papa on speakerphone at one point (the sound of his voice and the phone itself helped to calm her down).

She got plenty of sleep last night and she’s taken three naps today.

I know the real culprit is teething though. Sometimes I wish I could press fast forward on the whole teething thing. So sick of it.


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