Lisa WuertzHi, I am Lisa Wuertz and I guess you could say that I’m a “mommy blogger”. I actually had a blog long before I had children, though those posts are mostly lost now. I’ve always enjoyed writing as a vehicle for expressing creativity, research and information, and yes, emotional venting (I have quite a few teenage angst diaries that I’m sure would be a crack up to read).

Upon graduating from high school, I decided to explore this love of writing and put it to good use. I got my BA in Communications and then went on to work as a professional journalist. I worked in both television and print media. I covered a variety of stories from high-profile court cases to human interest stories. One of the things I liked about being a reporter was being able to tell other people’s stories in a way that they could not quite express. It was also a privilege to share with my story subjects in their triumph and tragedies as they let me get a glimpse into their lives.

In 2006, I won two Kern Press Club Awards–Print Light Feature and Print Sports Feature–for stories I wrote and was soon after promoted to the position of editor. By the end of 2007, having reached many goals professionally, I started to feel like I wanted a new challenge. After a year of trying to conceive my husband and I were basically left with in vitro fertilization as our only option, which was financially out of reach.

So, I decided that I would persue another career path that I had kept on the back-burner until that point: the law. I applied and was accepted to The George Washington University Master’s in Paralegal Studies program in December 2007. I felt incredibly happy and accomplished at having gained acceptance to such a prestigious university.

However, in January 2008 I learned that the miraculous had happened: I was pregnant. Soon after this revelation, my husband and I decided together that I would put my career path on hold to stay home for at least the first few years of our kids’ lives. I really feel blessed that this is a decision we were able to make instead of being forced into the need for two incomes.

We welcomed our daughter, who I refer to as Bean here on the blog, in September 2008. Then, in May of 2009 we were surprised to learn that we were expecting again and welcomed our son, who goes by Sprout on the blog, in January 2010. We were surprised once again and Sparrow was born in July of 2011. Take that fertility doctors!

Becoming a parent has changed my perspective on a lot of things from career goals to healthcare to child rearing. As you read this blog you will find that I unabashedly support homebirth, alternative healthcare remedies, baby wearing, and many other things. While I may come off as slightly zealous about certain topics, I do not mean to demean others’ choices.

As with any individual, there is more to me than just these topics. I have found that I love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen so in some respects this is also a food/recipe blog from time to time. In addition to writing, I have always loved taking photographs–even if they were not always that great–and like to share them here as well. I am crafty girl at heart and tend to share pictures and stories of my latest successes and attempts at knitting, crocheting, embroidery, and sewing.

Finally, even though I am no longer a professional journalist, I still am very interested in the media, journalism, and politics. So from time to time will talk about these topics, though admittedly not so much these days as taking time to read or view the news is a bit of a rarity.

I think that about sums up my blog. I hope you will stick around to read and comment.

I also maintain another blog about my explorations into Eastern Orthodox Christianity called, The Grafted Vine.