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The October Daily, 10/14

One of Bean’s favorite things right now is I Spy books where you try to find something that is hidden. Most of hers are pretty obvious right now. So she will pick the book up herself and then say, “Where’s Elmo hiding? There is. Where’s Lhsa Apso. Kind of doggie. There is,” because she has them all memorized now. I’ve started trying to do some I Spy with her when we are out walking.

I Spy a grasshopper, do you?

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The October Daily, 10/12

Nature walk and stop at the playground this morning.

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What the crap?

I went away for an hour to take a shower and the thing is already sprouting some wings. So freaky and weird!


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He built a small house around himself

The little guy built his cocoon!

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A hike.

I meant to post these last week, but forgot and got busy and whatnot. And there will be a fourth post for the day to follow this one. I’m sure it is a bit overwhelming to some of you, but I’m not sure when I’ll have this kind of time to post again and I don’t want a buildup of posts to be waiting in my brain.

So anyway, last week I took the kids on a short hike on the trails right by where we live.

We love our stroller! (Thank you Dad, Andrea and Auntie Linda)

It was green and some wildflowers were just starting to bloom. I can’t wait to see what it looks like out there in a couple weeks when things really start to go wild.

And I caught the sunset before heading home.


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Crappy cell phone pictures, firemen, nature and lizards

Today I was bored. So I decided to take Bean to the park by our apartment and check out the Botanical garden there.

First I parked and walked around the park. Then we went to the play area and I pushed Bean on the baby swings. She really likes swinging! After walking around the park I figured out where the entrance to the Botanical garden was and that a stroller would not work there. So I decided to walk back to my car and ditch the stroller for the ring sling.

As I approached my car I was kind of freaked out because there were three fire engines and a bunch firemen running around shouting and rolling out hoses. After a couple minutes I figured out that there was no fire and my car wasn’t in danger. The Ventura County Fire Department was just doing some sort of wildfire hillside spray drill.

So I did what any good blogger would do and I whipped out my cell phone to document it…

After all that excitement I managed to wrangle Bean into the sling and set off for the Botanical garden. Once in the entrance there were about three different trails you could take.

I decided to take the “short loop” because it had the word “short” in it and I was hoping that was really the case. I wasn’t wearing proper shoes for the occasion, by any means.

It was the perfect length hike. Very naturey. I will definitely be going back in the future to try the other trails.

Though I will admit I was a bit freaked out along the way because of these guys running all over the place…

I kept thinking, “Oh no! Was that a snake?!?…. Oh. Just another stupid lizard.”


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Eye Candy Friday: Mild weather and editing

A couple weeks ago I took some photos in our backyard to show off some of the benefits of having a mild fall/winter. Then I decided to try out some of the edits in Picasa. So here goes:

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